Win #7 A Win From The Old Master Instructor Course

When I first started teaching the Master Instructor I taught it in three parts, that’s whhy this win references two other instructor courses. Things were working so well, I didn’t want to risk people getting only part of the data, so I went to one course. But here’s a win from a fellow (I think it is Wily G.) who took the original three.
The Master Instructor Course was very different compared to the previous two courses (Instructor and Expert Instructor). what it did was provide the true source of techniques of martial arts from a fundamental viewpoint. It really covered the technique side of the Martial Arts world. The approach in this course seemed to go inside out. In other words, I had to look at ‘all’ the techniques again from a very logical perspective for me. This really gave me a ‘pure’ feeling when critiquing my own techniques. This has to be done before an instructor can even hope to deliver this information to another student. 
Your ads are right: a person can’t call himself an instructor without knowing this material…and I know that there is no other place in the world that I could have learned it.
You know, I taught this stuff for years before I put together the course, and I was always surprised when I found out that people didn’t know this stuff. I mean, I thought everybody knew this…but…nope. I have never sen nor heard of this stuff in any martial art, yet it is crucial to the martial arts, and especially to instructing.
Have a great work out, and drop by Monster Martial Arts and look for the Master Instructor Course if you want more data about the course.

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