Win #1 From When I First Taught Matrix Karate

When I first began teaching Matrix Karate I got some incredible wins. This was one of the first.
Third Lesson
Structure, form, mechanics, these are limitations of incomparable magnitude.
The trouble one can get in is trying to make form contain the spirit.
the real form, real martial arts, begins when one blows through form, body limitations, and pictures of ‘how to do,’ and just begins ‘doing.’ What fun–how nice to GLOW!
Rick Thatcher
The interesting thing is that the martial arts have to do with physics, the angles of the body, how to set up geomtery for techniques, things that you learn in school, but never put together with a study of the real martial arts.
Anyway, this Matrix Karate win was one of the first, and wins like these really got me going on Matrixing. If you want more data, just pop on over to

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