Monster Newsletter #348–New Master Instructor! (part one)

Good morning to you!
I’ve gotten some of them most incredible wins this month.
I’ll pass them out in the next few newsletters.
Really sweet stuff,
I tell ya.

But, let me say one thing…
Have a great work out!
That’s the secret of it all,
and I am officially reminding you
to do your work out
and more than just once a day!

biz aside,
let’s look at the win from the latest Master Instructor.
Congrats to Master Instructor Mike Casto!

I was a little reluctant to order because of the language used on the website. I have a reflexive aversion to sales hype. I read some articles of yours that I was able to find online, though, and they contained good info so I decided to give the video a shot.

Honestly, there wasn’t anything new for me personally. But I have been fortunate in my training. I’ve had some fantastic teachers and been able to train with some of the best in the world in their respective disciplines. As you point out, though, it took me ~25 years of training and experience to acquire the understanding. Your presentation of the material, though, was very good. Very straightforward and concise. For someone who hasn’t had the background I’ve had (either the duration or the world class instruction) that the material you present might be revolutionary.

The only critique I have is that you make a few generalizations that I think are too broad. One specific example that comes to mind is when you have Nemiah (sp?) in a lock I call “kunci jembatan” (Pencak Silat) but I believe Aikido calls “shiho nage” or “four direction throw.” … You have Nemiah in the lock and you say, “He can’t get out of this one. He doesn’t have the muscle; he doesn’t have the leverage.” While it may, in fact, be true that Nemiah can’t get out of it at that moment, there *are* ways to get out of it. I’m sure you’re aware of this 🙂 I’m not saying you’re “wrong” just that the generalization may be misunderstood by some people. They may interpret that as, “this is an unbeatable move.”

That critique is minor, though. Overall, I say kudos. This is a very good presentation of principles universal to all martial arts.

Also, as a writer/video editor/producer, I commend you on the video itself. While the backdrop is a bit busier than I would prefer it’s not overwhelming and doesn’t detract from the video or draw the viewer’s attention away from you. The presentation (talking about the physical presentation to the camera instead of the conceptual presentation of the material that I referred to previously) is good. This video is incredibly well done for a single, fixed camera setting. Kudos on this aspect, too.


Thanks for the kind words Mike,
and I appreciate the points you weren’t entirely in agreement with.
He is right,
there is no unbeatable technique,
there are just beatable people,
and this only if you do the work
study hard
and apply yourself.
you better keep studying,
because that beatable person isn’t going to stop learning.

On a side note,
one of my favorite movies is Fists of the White Lotus.
The chump gets beaten up,
goes and studies martial arts for ten years
then goes back and gets beaten up again.
‘But how can this be!’ he exclaims to the villain.
‘I’ve spent the last ten years studying to beat you!’
The villain’s response: ‘I spent ten years studying, too!”
Heh heh heh!

thanks to Master Instructor Casto,
and I encourage the rest of you to study hard,
as he points out,
most people don’t have the benefit of world class instructors
over the duration of their study.

second half of this newsletter coming shortly.

Head on over to Monster Martial Arts and check out the master instructor course while you’re waiting.

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