Monster Newsletter #348–New Book! (part two)

Some six or so months ago
I mentioned efforts to rehabilitate my shoulder,
mentioned Yoga,
and here it is…later.

The skinny is this,
the official classes are too expensive and time consuming,
with all respect,
they tend to tweak on one thing.

So I did most of my work off of DVDs
and did a lot of research,
and the results are interesting.

Under normal Yoga,
with the obsession on one body part,
my shoulder was getting worse,
and while I was getting the right amount of bliss
I was suffering.

how do we do it in the martial arts?
We do kata.
And the exercises are aimed towards the whole body.
So I took a look at all the postures,
and I realized something.
This is the alphabet,
but there are no words.
No sentences.
No drive towards delivering a concept.
of course,
no matrixing.

I matrixed the postures,
and it didn’t work.
of course it’s not going to work.
I’ve run into this thing before,
specifically with Tai Chi,
and especially with Kenpo.
The range of techniques,
in this case poses,
puts everything out of gradation.
If you just matrix the motion,
you end up with easy mixed with hard.
you simply have to arrange the postures according to a couple of concepts.
Number one: easy to hard.
Number two: the six potential directions of the body
Number three: substudy on matrixing the six potential directions of the limbs,
and a sub/sub/study of the secondary parts of the limbs.
The heck with the hands,
let them fend for themselves.

There are a couple of other things,
but this was the trick.

I put together a routine,
and here is something that happened that was EXTREMELY interesting.
In Tai Chi (and other martial arts)
you pulse the body.
You create and push energy by pulsing the body.
In Yoga you create energy by twisting the body
(more or less),

So the energy sits there,
your body gets cleaned out,
awareness filters into the body parts,
everything gets better,
there ain’t no pulse of energy.

here is an interesting problem.
Is it better to let the energy sit in the body?
Or is it better to pulse it?
My Neutronic opinion
is that it is always better to flow.
We’re in a universe,
you know?
I didn’t consciously create any pulsing
but the routine (matrix yoga?) I created
had a light pulse to it.
It’s almost indiscernible.

Pulsing is not noticeable and probably not even present
in classical yoga.
The obsession on working individual body parts
stops the pulse.
Locks the energy in the body part.

no wonder my shoulder was suffering!
You have to pulse energy through to effect healing.
you can heal by instilling awareness,
taking a posture and just thinking into the body and body part,
and in certain situations this is better.
But for the type of injury I had,
it really wasn’t working,
was working the opposite of what it should.

At any rate,
doing the whole Yogata routine,
I experienced immediate relief in the shoulder.
I wasn’t overworking a body part,
I was lightly pulsing (without even realizing it)
and that led to other rather sizable realizations.

You can read about one of these realizations
on the Yogata page.
That the path towards enlightenment
has actually been broken into four parts.
So now I am matrixing the four paths,
breaking them apart,
and putting them together
into one path,
that should work ten times faster
and give the whole picture,
not just the picture from one path…
which would be one fourth of the whole.

now that you’ve got the data,
pop on over to either,
or to,
and check out the Yogata.

That all said,
I have only one other thing to say…

it’s time.
You guys and gals have a stupendous week
and I’ll talk to you later.



A nation is a society united by a delusion about its ancestry and by common hatred of its neighbours.
William Ralph Inge
A nation is a society united by martial arts.–Al Case

A baby is born with a need to be loved – and never outgrows it.
Frank Howard Clark
A baby is born with a need to do martial arts – and never outgrows it.–Al Case

A man may well be condemned, not for doing something, but for doing nothing.
William Barclay
A man may well be condemned for not doing the martial arts.
William Barclay –Al Case

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