Losing Your Reaction Time Through Classical Martial Arts Training

I saw an interesting TV show today, a couple of fellows were discussing how to achieve faster reaction time through traditional martial arts training. The odd thing is that they were obsessed with training the muscles. The conclusion they reached is that you train the body to react so fast that there is no reaction time.

But to have a body is reaction time. If you conduct your self defense through a body then you have to have the time it takes to activate that body. It’s going to be there no matter what you do.

Unless, of course, you perceive what is happening and move with it. Or, better, move before it. You simply observe reality and predict what is going to happen and insert your body into the desired place.

Training in Martial Arts forms is going to help you do this. You make a plan, and you carry out the plan. Eventually, what you are doing becomes able to be predicted, eventually this carries into life, and life becomes something you can predict.

Of course, those that don’t believe this have there own method for doing things. An MMA specialist or UFC fighter trains his body to react, but the other fighter is also training his body to react, so what you have is two virtual robots bashing their bodies together, and this will result in less awareness. This is not getting rid of reaction time, it is increasing the beast, once you have been bashed enough.

You have to ask yourself the question, what is reaction time, if you are going to to undo it. You are acting after. After what?

Well, you are acting after reality has bid you act. That’s right, you are making your body do something because of something that has already occurred, and thus you are already behind the times, and thus you are a victim. You have to be a victim if you follow this path of muscle memorization, because moving after something has happened means you are moving after somebody else.

If you don’t want to be the victim, you have to study arts which do not have muscle memorization, and which lessen reaction time. While classical martial arts practice (if you can find a true school, and an teacher who knows what he is doing) doesn’t provide the glory, and sometimes seem a bit odd, the fact of the matter is that they have been expressly designed to get rid of reaction times. Reality fighting may draw in crowds of people, but you will gain faster reaction time through traditional Martial Arts training.

Should you want to know more about getting rid of reaction time, head to Monster Martial Arts. Pick up a free ebook while you’re there.

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