Monster Newsletter #325–A Fantastic Win!

Good morning to every last one of you!
Every form is a prayer.
How many prayer’s did you do this morning?
More prayer = more you.

Okey doke,
lots of stuff,
I’m still way behind,
I know I have to let you know about my, um, altercation.
I need to give an update on plans
for the Great Matrixing Tour.
and all sorts of other stuff,
everything gets bumped back one
when I have a congrats to offer…

Congrats to Master Instructor Michael Guthrie!
That’s number forty-one,
and, I have to tell you,
Michael has really done it.
to tell you the truth,
I have been waiting patiently
for a win like his,
and I will tell you why after the win,
but first,
I try not to edit wins.
I don’t like to change words,
and only offer a bit of punctuation if needed.
The reason is simple,
people write differently on the internet.
They shorthand,
they run a little,
and this is excepted.
Internet is more like conversation,
and conversational habits apply.
aside from small changes to sentence structure,
I don’t like to change what people say.
I like pure and raw truth.
That said,
the bad news is
I’ve had to blot out much of Michael’s win.
This happens often,
people talk about what is on the course,
darn it,
you need to buy the course for yourself.
with that said,
here is the most blotted out, fantastic win you’ll probably ever read.
The blots are indicated by three dots

Here we go.

Hey Al,
…I did receive the Master Course and I must say that in my twenty five years of training I have found nothing that shows or explains so simply the principles of the martial arts, I really enjoyed your discussion on…. Let me say that as an … by trade I felt I should be wearing the Dunce Cap for the week. How could I not put the two together. You see, …. But I am sure that you know that. What it did though was open a whole new perspective on …. Needless to say my brain started working overtime on the subject of … as I needed. As I stated …, and I realized and understood the principles as soon as I used my trade to explain to me what it was you were teaching. The body is a machine and so is the earth as you stated in your course and …, anybody who has been … lol knows this. The grand mysteries that I have been looking for and studying hard to learn has been with me for years with my trade. I just never put the two together. Your use of physics to teach proper technique what they are and why they work, not how but why, was a needed change in my knowledge and use of techniques. I could go on and on discussing these principles and comment on … etc..etc… Well done Professor Case, this is what I will call you from now on. lol. You truly are teaching and creating instructors not just students and for that I thank you.
Your Student In the True Art,
Michael Guthrie

Well done
Master Instructor Guthrie.

a couple of things.

Michael hadn’t had this course but a week,
and perhaps he felt a bit of surprise,
when I responded to his win
as a Master Instructor win,
but what he did for a living
aligned perfectly with the course,
the data slammed into his head
like the proverbial thunderbolt.

he was probably thinking,
‘but I haven’t done anything!
There’s got to be more to it than that!’

It is knowledge.
This is the age of knowledge,
and he has the knowledge.
He will never do a technique wrong again,
because he knows the right way.
He will execute his form
with perfection.

He knows,
you see,
the exact data that makes form perfect,
that makes technique work.
he’ll have to sharpen his skills,
we all do.
But his learning curve
just took off like a rocket.
Everything he knows
immediately underwent
extreme evaluation,
and he changed.
And here is the important thing.
He knows the truth of the martial arts

let me explain something.
I figured it out.
I’ve taught a few people.
that’s not enough to change the planet,
change the martial arts,
fix up the field
get rid of the bushwah,
and have the golden age of martial arts.

I’ve got forty-one Master Instructors.
Every one of them
will have effect.
Every one of them knows what perfect form is
and how to have perfect technique.
A high percentage of these are instructors already.
Even if they aren’t,
they will still have an effect.

Let’s say Joe Blow has a white belt,
ordered my course for a lark,
and he’s taking lessons,
and he’s saying to his work out partner,
or a couple of students while chatting,
or even his instructor who can do but doesn’t have the data…
‘You do it this way because…’
A piece of the art fixed.
Enough pieces fixed,
maybe a thought process started,
and the art gets better.

But let’s say 30 of my Master Instructors are actually teaching,
letting a couple of hundred students each
know what the truth of form and technique is.
Now we have six hundred people doing perfect form
and have perfect technique.

since I’m only 62,
let’s say I teach for another ten years,
that’s three hundred people
times 200,
that’s 60,000 people
spreading the true art.
what if I get famous?
I’d rather sit at home and write
and work out,
but what if I get famous?
We could ten times that 60,000,
maybe a hundred times that 60,000.

Do you see?
I’ve already succeeded!
I’m just waiting for the universe to catch up to me!
the Great Matrixing Tour will enable me to reach more people,
to actually give hands on transmission of Matrixing,
to make sure the true art is not forgotten again,
A place where the truly fanatic can gather.
the holy scriptures of the martial arts.

I tell ya,
the golden age of martial arts is starting.
The lights are going on in Michael’s head
and it is just the hint of things to come.
Multiply that by a million martial artists
and we’ll have something.
it’s already a done deal.
You can’t stop what is about to happen.

Michael was particularly juicy for me,
being a … by trade
and I was just waiting for a guy like him,
because I knew how hard he would slap his head
when he got the data.
cruel trick of the fates,
I have to blot out nearly his whole win.
Oh well,
that’s life in the Matrix lane.

I apologize,
I know it’s like I’m dangling carrots,
and it almost sounds contrived,
like a big sales gimmick.
But it’s not.
You’ll understand when you do the Master Instructor Course.
You’ll understand why people are blown out,
and you’ll understand what I mean
when I say…
the truth is right in front of you.
You just have to look at it.

You are one dot,
the data is the other dot,
and you just have to connect the dots.

Click here if you want to connect the dots!

that’s about it,
I’ll probably never catch up,
things are happening pretty darn fast now,
and that’s okay.
I’ll do my best
next couple of newsletters should be juicy,
and I’ll talk to you then.

Thanks again,
And the rest of you guys and gals,
a work out is just waiting to be done!

See ya



Inside Kung Fu is going to have an article on me. November issue, which is on the stand on AUGUST 24TH!
Feel free to buy five copies, and write to the editor and tell him you want more.
If they get a sell out, and letters from across the country from a wide variety of people,
they are going to do more.

To hold another art in disrespect, even though its tenets be improper and its practice be a sham, is worse than foolishness, it is like holding your hand upon the head of a child and saying, “You will never grow to be a man.

Send me your wins!

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