Al Case Selected as Best Martial Arts Author of All Time!

Monster Martial Arts ( has selected Al Case as the best martial arts author of all time. Monster, which issues many of Al’s works, said the selection process was very easy. ‘Al not only has an extremely large body of work, but many of his works are pivotal and will revolutionize the arts.’

Among the categories which the Monster Board of Directors considered are ‘most martial arts training manuals written,’ ‘most articles written,’ and even ‘most martial arts oriented novels penned.’ Also to be considered was the large body of martial art video work Al has produced. All of this work has been published over a career spanning more than four decades.

Al’s first training manual was begun in 1967 when the notebook he was filling was ‘borrowed’ in order to make his Kenpo school’s first training manual. Over the years Al wrote training manuals for every art he studied. This ‘obsession,’ as he calls it, has resulted in probably a hundred different training manuals.

Al began writing articles in 1981 and was quickly published by Inside Karate, arguably the best karate magazine ever published. Over the years he wrote nearly three dozen articles, and a column (Case Histories). Since the advent of the digital era Al has published nearly 300 articles on the net.

Of particular interest is his column, Case Histories. Case Histories ran in Inside Karate for just over four years, and was a perennial reader favorite. Readers particularly appreciated the delicate insight he provided, always couched in humorous and satirical overtones.

What most martial artists don’t know is that Al has written over twenty novels, and one will invariably find the novel enriched by a sub theme of martial arts philosophy. His fight scenes, based on his over 40 years of study, are among the best ever written. These novels have been available on a very limited basis, but that may change as Al is currently being considered for publication.

As was earlier noted, the award was based not just on sheer quantity of work, but quality. Al is the founder of Matrixing Technology and Neutronics. Matrixing enables an artist to break down and understand his art to a depth never before realized on this planet. Neutronics has resulted in the first and only totally martial arts oriented religion.

The award was announced earlier this week by the Monster Board of Directors. In a statement they said, “We have undoubtedly come up with the most deserving person for this award, and we look forward to more of his unique work. Monster was established in 2007, and has sold thousands of martial arts books and video courses.

Interested readers should visit Monster Martial Arts.

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