Monster Newsletter #322–Forty Master Instructors!

Good morning!
Fantastic morning!
Perfect for working out!
Absolutely perfect!

I actually have a whole ton of things for the newsletter,
got a great technique for knife fighting,
some fellow tried to mess with me on the street and some interesting things happened,
everything gets bumped when I get to say…
congrats to our latest Master instructor!

James J. Morrell wrote me a wonderful win,
and here are some parts of it.

I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the knowledge I received from your Master Instructor Course. I have never before had techniques explained to me in such an in depth, but simplistic way.
My journey in the martial arts began when I was a teenager in the 1980’s. I started as a student of Kang Duk Won Karate. When I turned eighteen, I joined the army and had the opportunity to travel and see the world. I was exposed to several different types of martial arts to include: military combatives, Chinese Boxing, Shaolin Wushu, and Tae Kwon Do. I was never able to progress in an art as far as I wanted to because my job as a soldier kept me moving around. Although my journey has been an “on again, off again” one, I have not given up. I am now a police officer and have continued my studies in the art of Hapkido. Part of my job is to teach law enforcement defensive tactics. I also teach a women’s self defense class.
Your course has opened my eyes and given me ideas on how I can improve the way I am currently teaching. I totally agree with your greatest strategy….
(sorry guys and gals, James discusses the course material itself art this point)
…the materials that you included in your course were great. The manual and DVDs really complimented each other.
Thanks again for all the information. I look forward to taking more of your courses in the future.

James J. Morrell

Thanks James,
and congrats for being Master Instructor #40.

Forty people now know the exact data on how to teach.
And there is exact data.
there are so many martial arts instructors out there
and they really know the martial arts.
But the art of teaching is separate from the martial arts.
Two different fields.
I hate to say it,
when you go to school to learn how to teach,
they either don’t teach you the right data,
or it is not martial arts specific.
I mean,
the colleges of today,
with all their physics and slide rules
have no clue
on how to make perfect form
and how to make perfect technique.

They don’t.

It is data that I put together,
and you will see it nowhere outside of my courses.

Well, maybe if you are lucky enough to be studying
with one of the Forty Master Instructors!

one other thing
of particular juiciness
at least to me…
James turns out to be one of my Martial cousins.
My base art was the Kang Duk Won,
I studied it in San Jose under Bob Babich.
James studied the KDW out in New York!

One of the things I have done is write a bunch of articles about the KDW
and plant them around the net,
so every once in a while it is like old home week.

is a unique and rather pure Karate system.
It didn’t come from Funakoshi,
but from a classmate of Funakoshi
and the classmate had studied shaolin.
Makes for a very powerful combination.

One of these newsletters I’ll write a short history on the KDW,
its sort of an eye opener.
Quite honestly,
I don’t think I would have come up with Matrixing
if it hadn’t been for the Kang Duk Won,
and specifically,
Bob Babich.

So I have a bunch of stuff for the next half a dozen newsletters.
should keep me out of trouble.
when you find out about my altercation
you’re are going to know
I need to be kept out of trouble.

this is a shorty,
I have a ton of stuff I have to do,
so I’ll talk to you later,
and James,
congrats again,
and thanks for really making my day.
For everybody who wants
the real truth about how to teach the martial arts,
here’s the link…

Go there and get perfect form,
perfect technique,
and learn how to teach the martial arts.
It really is the only course of it’s kind,
and forty Master Instructors will testify to that fact.

Now go have yourself a great work out.



PS–if anybody is having trouble getting the newsletter, email from me, or having trouble getting email to me, let me know. There seem to be a few glitches in my email setup, so let me know so I can fix them. Thx.


Inside Kung Fu is going to have an article on me. November issue, which is on the stand on AUGUST 24TH!
Feel free to buy five copies, and write to the editor and tell him you want more.
If they get a sell out, and letters from across the country from a wide variety of people,
they are going to do more.

Send me your wins!

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