Monster Newsletter #311–From Insanity To…!

Another day in paradise!
Another day so darn glorious
it just stops the senses.
And if your senses haven’t stopped today…
better work out.

My wife hid my teacups,
so I’m not doing Pa Kua this week.
Back to good old bash ‘em in the face Karate.
I work out at about 11 or 12 at night.
The world is asleep,
no distractions,
and I concentrate on loose-tight.

Now loose-tight is a fantastic concept.
it is referred to as focus.
But that is merely a bunch of words.
The reality is what happens in your mind.
You see,
you can’t relax your muscles sufficiently
unless you first give those muscles a command
from a thoroughly relaxed mind.

How do you get a thoroughly relaxed mind?
This is sort of a…
uncomplex question,
gonna take a story,
not just physics.
Got to have the story,
got to have the context
to understand what I am going to say.

When I was 19
before I discovered karate,
I was insane.
My friend had a convertible 62 Olds,
big old Detroit motor,
and we used to go to the bowling alley
steal a couple of bowling balls
and then go bowling.

We would get up to a 120 MPH
he’d hit the brakes
and I’d throw the ball.
Then we would watch it bounce down the street
and across El Camino Real.

El Camino Real,
for those of you who don’t know
even at midnight,
can be a busy street.
And what we were doing,
was shooting a cannonball across it.
if we had hit a car
it would have totaled the car.
The energy behind 15 pounds
traveling over 100 MPH…
I’m not a physicist,
1500 pounds?
If it had struck a car by the front tire,
it would have shattered and bounced that front end,
the car would have shot off the road
people would have died.
If the bowling ball had struck over the rear tire
it would have fishtailed,
out of control,
and people would have died.
if it had struck the door…
it would have gone right through the door
killed the driver and passenger.

Do you understand?
I was crazy.
To do such a thing
absolutely insane.
I should have been locked up.

One night,
it bounced right over the hood of a cop car,
inches from the glass.
The cops didn’t even see it.
It was traveling that fast.

why wasn’t I caught?
Why didn’t one of those bowling balls connect?

I know why.
Because I would have been locked up
and never learned karate.
and I was put on this planet to learn the martial arts.
That’s my purpose.

this is a crazy planet,
when you observe the insanity on this planet
you almost can’t blame me for being insane.
People going to war.
Hitler and gas ovens.
Mao and over fifty million dead.
Diseases created in laboratories and set loose on the public.
The logic of schools that program and don’t teach.
Newspapers that deliberately lie.
Religions that bless soldiers on their way to the murder fields.
Drugs advertised on every corner
and on every TV.
A justice system that is diametrically opposed to justice.

In short…
don’t get me started.

there was no excuse for my particular insanity,
because insanity is a personal choice.
in coming to this planet
I had made my choice.
Study the martial arts
and go sane.

I discovered first kenpo,
then classical,
then other stuff,
and each step into the martial arts
was a step towards sanity.

In the world I was a victim
of corporations and doomsayers
and people who wanted to kill me for a belief.

In the dojo I was give data.
Here is a fist,
handle it.

The fist,
a symbol of anger and energy and hitting,
and I had to handle that
anger and energy and hitting.
I had to handle that insanity.

For the first time in my life
I wasn’t victim to papa figures
lying school marms,
and all the drunken and drugged randomity
that society is.

In the dojo there is order,
a lesson,
a reason for doing thing.
Life resolves to the simple problem of incoming attack,
handle it,
you walk out of the dojo,
able to handle that,
even when that becomes a drug
or a wild eyed radical.

you make the final stop,
compassion for people,
they are insane,
but they are the stock from which I come…
who can I help to make the journey.

Who can I wake up.

Who can I rescue from the sadness of earth
and its robotic, murdering governments,
it’s corner drug pushers,
its sloth and violence,
its video game personality.

let’s get back to what started this rant…
how do you have a calm mind?
You work out.
Day after day.
You give yourself over to a method,
a method that works,
you simply stop believing in the slavemasters,
and start believing in yourself.
That is the karate way,
and that is the way of the martial arts.

You commit yourself to the journey,
and you will find a calm mind.

Okey dokey,
pretty well covered it,

I should be in IKF
in the next issue or two,
you guys make sure that issue sells out.
if it sells out because of me,
then they’ll want to do another.

I wish you the best workout of your life,
and here’s a link to help out,
it’s the Kang Duk Won,
which was my personal path to sanity.

Kang Duk Won Korean Karate

Thanks to all,
and I’ll talk to you next time.



BTW–Monkeyland is up, but it’s an old version, it’ll be a while before I can get the thing all fixed.

Man, I just googled this one, and it looks like it’s going a little viral!
He Was Crazy…And He Studied Korean Karate With Me.

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I have a simple philosophy: Fill what’s empty. Empty what’s full. Scratch where it itches.
Alice Roosevelt Longworth

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