Monster Newsletter #308–Third Level Thoguht…Neutronics!

Yo yo!
How you doing?
Not doing good?
Do a work out,
it will change your attitude
and improve your life.
And that’s the truth.

You know,
I love the first paragraph work out call,
It always cheers me up,
just talking about a work out
cheers me up.

let’s get serious
for just a wee moment.

The first rule of the universe is
‘For something to be true
the opposite must also be true.’
This is where it all starts.
The whole universe is just a big push/pul machine.
Understand this,
and you got the buggy whipped.

how do you understand this?
Without context,
it makes no sense.
Admit it,
first time I ever told you this,
you blinked
you’re probably still trying to grok it.
and for those who don’t know what grok means,
it means to understand something by being it.
So matrix provides the context,
the background,
for grokking to start occurring.
the martial arts provide the background,
but without matrixing
they are so-o-o slow,
and they even take too long.

But here’s the crux.
When you matrix
you are assimilating all the potential motions
so you can select one,
the one you select,
you go neutronic on.

Find the incoming missile with matrixing,
deal with it with neutronics.
But we are not just dealing with it in the martial sense.
You see
there are two physics…
One is Newtonian…
‘for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.’

The second physics
one could consider this the third physics,
but I never talk about the real second physics),
is Neutronic.
And Neutornics is how you manipulate the universe
without the need for Newtonian physics.

The prime rule of Neutronic physics would be…
‘for every action there is a source.’

That’s it,
instead of being part of the whim and collision of the workaday universe,
you cause things to happen.

this is just words,
until you consider internal energy.
You see,
there are three levels to consider in exploring this concept.
if you wish to make it more than words.

The first level is to be bouncing around,
a ball on the pool table of life.
Newtonian victim.

The second level is to see what is happening.
To perceive without the eyes.
You can do this through matrixing.
You can stand facing one direction,
and by thinking only in that direction,
sense what is coming up behind you.
But simple,
if you have ordered your martial arts
so that neutronics can occur.
At this point,
the subject opens up into so many potentials,
but let’s stick with what we are doing…
The third level is to actually do something.
Not just to perceive,
but to do.

The first hints of this
are most obvious in tai chi
or internal energy stuff
where you uproot somebody,
or touch them and have them fall.
Things are happening,
you see,
that are out of proportion to newtonian physics.
Force in (gentle) doesn’t equate to force out (woo! There he goes!)

So martial arts are out of order/arrangement/sequence and you need to matrix them.
Matrix martial arts enables you to see things without the five senses.
Neutronics enables you to do things…

I know you’ve all seen the youtube of me putting out the candle from more than a foot away.
Some people think I’m just using the body
and doing a trick.

Of course I am.
The thing is…
others can’t do it.
They can make bodies move through space,
but bodies are machines
and can be hooked together,
the point that people miss is
I am not doing this trick to a body.
I am doing it to an inanimate object.
A candle.
A flame.
A bit of energy.

there you go,
you can continue doing your martial arts
and take a lifetime.
You cans speed up the process by matrixing.
and start the perception beyond five senses process,
And you can actually do something
when you have matrixed sufficient
and understand the science behind matrixing,
the physics beyond Newton…
when you understand Neutronics.

you can not.
what a bitch,

Here’s a link to make you think

How to Matrix!

Have a great work out!
And a great life!
may the whole darn universe lay on its back and purr-r-r-r
for you.



I always liked this guy, and I always appreciated his connection with my instructor.
The Toughest Karate Master In The World!

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Hey, I don’t feel like going for a quote today, so let me give you another joke…

How many Zen Masters does it take to screw in a light bulb?
Answer: Two…one to screw in the light bulb, and the other to not-screw in the light bulb.
Take that, Rocket!

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