“Un Known” Secrets, About Pan Gai Noon

Pan Gai Noon is an art that is hard and soft.’ Not many people know where this art comes from, for the lineage has disappeared. The effects of this art, however, on the martial arts of the east, has been incredible.
There are three forms in Pan Gai Noon, and these are very specifically put together. The names of these forms, in order, are Sanchin, then Seisan, then Sanseirui. Each of these forms has been designed with specific purposes in mind.
The first form is designed for power. The beginning learner learns how to hold his stance and how to walk, and he learns three simple hand patterns. The secret of Pan Gai Noon’s first form is in these hand patterns.
Thrusting the hands is simple, and yet necessary. There are two times, during the form, that thrusting is done, and the result is that the person learning, learns to stand and generate an attack. The thrusting need not be done hard, it can be ‘softened, as long as the student learns to concentrate his intention in the technique.
The second technique is nothing more than  blocking done in a circular fashion. The hands are held in the middle block position with the palms up. One hand crosses the body, circles, and  executes a thrust with the joints slightly angled.
You’re going to find the third hand pattern at the end of the form . The side of the body is guarded by a pair of palm blocks. After the block the hands are circled vertically and then pushed to the front with  energy.
If you aren’t doing the form as a breathing form, but as it was originally designed, then you have everything you need to know to find the secret of the form. The secret of the form is in the geometry of the three hand motions. Inside these hand patterns is a thrusting line through a sphere of energy.
The secret of the three movements of Sanchin is that they make a sphere of energy out of your hands. This sphere is designed by the hand patterns, which make up a z axis, a y axis, and an x axis. This sphere or circle can deflect and manipulate all incoming attacks, and offer a countering spear thrust of steel-like fingers.
You will find great power in the first form of PGN. This power is tapped by endlessly doing the form. This power is going to be able to be used in the techniques you will learn in later forms.

Learn three complete arts including Pan Gai Noon!

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