The Most Deadly Weapon!

The simple towel has got to be considered as one of the deadliest weapons in the martial arts. This weapon should be banned…it is that deadly. The deepest, darkest prison is where anybody caught with a towel should be thrown!

It is common knowledge that a towel moves at a fantastic speed. The end of a towel can move at faster than one hundred miles an hour when snapped by the capable hand. Split skin and huge welts are the result of the speeding tip of a towel!

If one dips the tip of a towel into water, it can become even more deadly. Dipping the tip into water can cause the towel to become even more cutting, and multiple greatly the pain inflicted. The force of the strike, you see, is multiplied greatly when the tip is dipped.

The towel is also one weapon that can be easily ‘hidden.’ Wrapped around the hips, it is hidden from plain sight! I mean, who is going to be scared of a naked body wrapped in towel?

One should consider that the times one wears a towel are the times that one is most easily attacked. After all, you have no means of defending yourself it would seem! People simply don’t want to attack somebody who is holding some sort of martial arts weapon.

If you are standing dripping wet, maybe from a shower, or a simple swim in the lake, people aren’t going to be scared of you. It should be pointed out, to be truthful, that in such undressed state is when people are most likely to attack you!  Muggers are going to want to attack you when you have the appearance of being unarmed.

If you are wearing nothing a towel, and you are attacked, you don’t need to look around for some means to defend yourself. All you have to do is give a severe jolt to the attacker by dropping your towel! Then you start dancing around, snapping and flicking with great abandon, and your attacker will shortly be running, screaming, down the street!

The funny thing is that you think I am just joking with this article. Miyamoto Musashi, that most phenomenal swordsman, was once attacked by a dozen sword wielding thugs in a  bathhouse! Using nothing but a towel and his, uh, prodigious hands, ran the thugs out of the bathhouse and chased them down the street!

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