Monster Newsletter #307–Make Me One with Everything!

Hey Guys and Gals!
Happy Day to Ya!
I’ve been workin’ on the Pa Kua lately,
whole body is buzzin’ and awake,
the glory of a work out.

You know,
I watch the news
(as little as possible)
and the martial arts are a cure.

If the government studied some martial arts,
they would respect their opponent,
and maybe not even pick a fight with us.

If Al Gore studied martial arts
he might not ‘grow apart’ from Tipper.

If every citizen in Arizona knew martial arts,
there would be no illegal immigrant problem.

If every citizen of California studied the martial arts,
they wouldn’t be picking a fight with Arizona over immigration.

You know?

Wouldn’t it be great to demand
that our politicians had a black belt
before running for office?

Problem is,
they’d start training for trophies,
instead of what the martial arts offer the spirit.

the heck with those bozos,
the things you get from the martial arts
are what is important.
After all,
you see the light…
and they don’t.

Remember the workout where you were so beat
you thought you couldn’t do one more kick,
so you did another one?

how about that time you got socked in the belly,
went down to your knees gasping for breath.

That’s the martial arts.
Overcoming pain.
Finding the correct solution,
often as not,
means thinking things through,
and then training in the correct manner.

the things the politicians could learn.

like I say,
it’s not about them.

Think about it this way.
Every form of government on earth has eventually failed,
even our great country,
will fail.
Times will change,
new problems to be solved,
and a better government needed.

But the martial arts always remain.

Every child needs to learn how to fight
with politeness and vigor.
Every woman needs to learn to defend themselves.

not to beat those ragged politicians with a rotten skunks tail,
but every politician needs to find self worth,
that they will be of some value,
able to resist the corruption,
maybe find their way back home to us.

That’s why we do martial arts.
A better world.
That’s why I write this newsletter,
and that’s why I push the matrixing method.

A better world.

You know,
economy is down,
everything’s a fruit cake,
and I want to tell you one thing…
you’re the one that matters.
You’re the one who is going to make things right.
Not the idiot politicians,
not the taxers and regulators,
but you,
martial strong you.

that’s about all.
Pretty busy today,
got to see a man about a horse…
and you go see a man about a horse, too.
Have fun.
Grin at odd times and make your enemies uneasy.
I said something right.
Laugh…and make your enemies uneasy.
it just goes to show,
if you put a hundred monkeys in a room
with 100 typewriters for 100 years,
you never know what you’re going to get.

Here’s the pa kua link,
just in case you want to make your body buzz.

Butterfly Pa Kua Chang

Have a great work out!


This is one of the best articles I have written, really changes the way you do things.
What is Going to Happen When You Have No Reaction Time!

Leave a comment if you can, it helps my statistics.

Did you hear about the Zen Master who ordered a hot dog? He said…’Make me one with everything.’

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