How I Fixed the Martial Arts!

There is a question in the martial arts that has never been asked. Nobody has ever come up with the notion that the martial arts are a puzzle. That means that no one, in the history of the martial arts, has ever solved the puzzle.

When I began to consider the martial arts as a puzzle, I discovered something truly unique. I came across the actual True Art that has always intrigued people, but which has never been realized. I also came into the knowledge of why nobody has ever really discovered the True Art.

At the heart of the True Art is a science. All motion in this universe, you see, can be measured by physics. Physics, therefore, is the one subject that one must understand if they are to reach the True Art.

At first, like every other person, I availed myself of magazines and books, and I studied every art I came in contact with. I saw movies, ordered libraries of video tapes, and I had deep discussions with every martial artist I came in contact with. The digital age made my activities even larger, and i began sample and study arts  across the whole planet.

One day I decided to make a record of all the techniques I had learned over the years. These were on the backs of business cards, and I spread them across the living room of my house. The cards numbered in the thousands, and they covered every art and style I had studied.

Then came the job of putting them in some kind of order. I tired categorizing them by attack, by the fist or foot or whatever that was used. I tried to sort them conceptually, by whether they were from soft arts, or hard. One of the things I even tried was to lump them by what geographical region they came from.

Duplicate techniques became easy to see, and I began discarding them. Poser techniques, those that require the attacker to wait for the defender to execute the technique, were the next to be thrown away. The stacks of cards became smaller, and became more easily managed. Forty was the number of cards, and specific techniques, that I wound up with.

40 techniques is all there are in the martial arts. All of the other techniques in all of the other arts are nothing more than variations or deviations from those forty techniques. The most important thing about all this, however, wasn’t just that I had come up with the source of all martial arts techniques, the most important thing was what I was seeing the patterns and logics underneath the forty techniques.

The Martial Arts have been solved, the puzzle has been put together, now everyone
can see it. That puzzle, once viewed is an incredible doorway into the True Art. The Golden Age of the martial arts has now begun.

You can learn more about The True Art at Monster Martial Arts.

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