Monster Newsletter #306–Happy Memory Day!

Happy Memorial Day!
It’s gonna be a good one,
you know?
A day off means more chances to work out…
and that means
more chances to makes the world right.

speaking of making the world right…
this last week
Inside Kung Fu did a photo shoot with me.
That’s right,
gonna get an article on me.

they wanted to do it on Five Army Tai Chi.
Isn’t that interesting?
All the arts I’ve studied,
the matrixing I’ve done,
the Neutronics I’ve developed,
and they wanted to specialize on one art.

that’s okay.
Fame happens one step at a time,
and even if the article only looks at one area,
a lot of people will be exposed to Matrixing.
Enlightenment happens one step at a time.

that all said,
I thought it would be interesting to turn back the pages a bit.
I’m always pushing Matrixing,
and I talk about the whole picture,
but I don’t usually go into the whole picture.
So let me do that.

One of my first matrixing realizations
had to do with the potentials of four different arts.
A block from karate could be slanted
to become a block in kung.
And the block in kung fu,
if worked a bit with footwork,
could become an aikido move,
and that cold become a tai chi move.

you’ve all seen the commonality.
Many people write to me about that concept
and how matrixing takes it and finally explores it
and shows the truth of it.
But the original concept for me,
came from aligning the following four arts,
wing chun
tai chi.

Weird mix,
I did pretty good with it.
Lot of mistakes,
but a lot of doors opened,
doors of perception,
and I explored an amazing variety of potentials.
Mixing this art with that,
that art with this,
and nothing seemed to work,
I laid out thousands of cards on my living room floor,
all the techniques I knew,
I made the F’er work.

That weekend,
that headache,
enough techniques from enough arts,
and it all resolved.
I finally saw the whole picture.
And I immediately went to bed.
My head hurt that much.
Figuring it out had blown so many brain cells,
had blown out so many mental circuits,
there wasn’t much I could do
but pass out.

And I think I fell into a slot of time.
I don’t think anybody else will figure Matrixing out.
The changes in communications,
from reading to movies to VHS to computers…
but I might be wrong.
In a way,
I actually hope I would be wrong.
I mean,
some enterprising fellow,
who actually stumbled across the exact right question,
and all the data available on the internet,
youtube examples of forms and techniques..
maybe the next guy will far surpass me.
I would hope so.

the martial arts are a geometry.
Karate tries for a straight line.
Kung Fu tries for an arc.
Aikido tries for a full circle.
Tai Chi tries for a full circle, but compresses it.

though I have described the geometry adequately,
it is so inadequate.
My words are so inadequate.
There is just so much to the martial arts…

the reason I offer the core package
is because it represents matrixing
for the whole martial arts.
Hard (karate)
to soft (Aikido)
with the in between arcs of Kung Fu
and the overview of the exact and accurate physics of the martial arts
(the master instructor course)

if you don’t like those arts,
the kung fu package
does the same thing,
but from an entirely different viewpoint.

the funny thing is,
I’ve done the same exact things
for the weapons package.

There’s lots of ways to teach matrixing,
to lay out the geometry and physics
of the entire martial arts.
though you become matrixed from the get go,
you really need all the courses.
You need the whole picture.

I don’t usually push it,
or explain it,
because I don’t want to scare people off.

some people look at the whole thing
and get freaked.
There’s too much.

I always have a few people
who simply get one course a month.
Go right through the whole thing,
and that is a great way to do it.

The money doesn’t become too much,
you have time to work on the material
of each course,
works out pretty good.

I was just thinking…
does anybody remember my first selling gimmick?
I actually advertised the courses for a dollar a disk,
and then,
when people came to the website,
I explained that there would be ten dollars S & H,
Funny thing is,
nobody ever got upset.
They just grinned,
thought it was pretty funny,
even got a lot of orders.

I mean,
a dollar a disk,
that was just too good to be true,
and they didn’t mind the joke.

ten bucks a disk
ain’t too bad.
But that old selling gimmick I came up with,
it makes me laugh.
All my mistakes aren’t criers,
some of them are laughers.

Here’s the link,
get you started,
two DVDs
164 page book on CD,
and you can take any art you study,
and plug it into the template
that I offer.

Monster Martial Arts

Even if you study kung fu,
or wudan,
or that esoteric and rare almost forgotten but not quite lost version
of the Shaolin Golden Duck…
it will make a different and totally logical sense
once you plug it into the Matrixing.

You guys and gals have a great weekend,
and don’t forget to hoist an adult beverage to me and mine,
and I will do the same for you.
if you’re kid…make it a soft drink.

Have a great work out!


This is one of my favorite techniques, took it rom Pinan Five.
The Deadly Power Punch Technique From Korean Karate!
Leave a comment if you can, it helps my statistics.

A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.
Mohandas Gandhi

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