The Most Powerful Kicks In The Martial Arts

I learned this type of kick some forty years ago in the Kang Duk Won Korean Karate. This was the forerunner of Tae Kwon Do, and the unfortunate truth is that these kicks aren’t practiced anymore. Why, I don’t know, because this type of kick is the hardest kick, the fastest kick I know.

I call this move, no matter what type of technique you do it with, the pop kick. Whether you do a wheel, a side, or a snap, the basic principle remains the same. You replace the right foot with the left foot, and place the right foot on the target…this all has to happen at the same time.

By same time I mean that the right foot and the left foot begin motion at the same time, and the left foot hits the ground at the same time the right foot hits the target. By doing it in this fashion the whole body compacts at the same time, then the whole body expands at the same time. This causes a very pure explosion in the tan tien, which is a point a couple of inches below the navel, which is the energy generator for the body.

In addition to the purity of explosion you will feel in the tan tien, which will tend to concentrate energy in the kick, you will experience a sudden weight on the support leg at the same moment you experience weight in the kicking leg. This sudden weight tends to make the explosion of energy even more pure and violent, and yet tends to control it precisely. This will supercharge your technique.

If you are doing this technique with a snap kick, make sure you get the knee high enough so that the foot comes in straight, and doesn’t slide up the front of the target. If you are doing a side kick, make sure you turn the hips so that the weight of them really slams into the target. If you are doing a wheel kick, make sure you get the hips up high enough so that the kick can fly in truly horizontal.

The fourth technique would be a spinning motion to the rear, and is done with a side kick. You would practice all four kicks against a wall, learning how to lift up at the same time, and place the feet on the ground and the wall at the same time. You don’t have to hit hard on a wall, save that for a bag, control is a great thing to have that will actually give you more power in the end.

We used to have all kinds of set ups for these techniques. We would slap the attacker’s guard hands as we pre-stepped, and the we would do it subtle, and then be in the kick before the target knew we were on our way. As we practiced the explosion would get finer and more pure and more full of energy.

Make sure you use it in a variety of stances, and you will have a truly expanded arsenal of martial arts weapons. This is a great kick to practice, and it is born of the successful union of karate power and TKD kicks. Japanese martial arts or Korean martial arts, this is the fastest kick, and the hardest kick, and perhaps the most effective kick I know.

2 thoughts on “The Most Powerful Kicks In The Martial Arts

  1. drhughes

    the forerunner to tae kwon do was actually Chung Do Kwan. it was the original established martial art of Korea.


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