The Deadly Power Punch Technique From Korean Karate!

This Korean Karate technique is one of the simplest and most deadly techniques in the classical martial arts. As simple as it is, it requires perfect and exact timing, and a number of little elements I’m about to tell you about. Understanding these little points, and practicing a bit, and you are going to have one of the most powerful tools in your martial arts arsenal.
I discovered the technique in the form Pinan Five, it happens right after you execute a crescent kick and low block. You are now standing in a horse stance, and you swing the right arm to cover the left side of the body with a weird, fingers pointed palm block. You then execute a left punch to the left, and that is your power punch.
You can do this move right out of the form, and it will work with plenty of power. But there are ways to tweak it to make even more power, and to make it even more workable. And we want more workable, because we want to understand this technique so well that we can use it on the street.
Have your partner face you, handshake distance away. Have him step forward with his right foot and punch to your face with his right hand. You step back with your left leg into a back stance as you execute a left palm block, this causes your partner’s right hand to pass in front of you, and this presents his body for the counter.
To counter, turn the hips and feet into a horse stance as you execute a right punch to his body. Now, this has got to be snappy, and you have to sink your weight and snap those hips, and you are going to find that this technique, if executed correctly, is going to smash his ribs to splinters. In addition, if you happen to go precise, and this will happen naturally over time, you can stick your fingers into his armpit.
The point that must be remembered is that you must have perfect CBM, Coordinated Body Motion. This means that all parts of the body move at the same time and in harmony. Thus, you strike with a couple of hundred pounds of body weight (assuming you weigh a couple of hundred pounds), and not twenty pounds of arm weight.
In addition, you must set the stance at the exact and correct distance so that your arm is nearly straightened out, only has a couple of inches to extend, when you make contact. If you decide to use the fingers, go slower, and add fingertip push ups to your work outs. If you decide to go deep, you can set your legs so that your punched out arm can sweep him over your horse.
I always found this to be a thrilling technique, quick and easy, and I love the feeling of moving in quick and light and then dropped the deep power into the last snap of the fist. The potential for damage is wonderful, and it is very usable on the street, and can be adjusted or modified as one needs. The official name for this punch, in my system, which is a slight modification of Korean Karate, is The Power Punch, hope you like it.

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