Monster Newsletter #303–The Fence of My Skin and the True Spiritual You!

Hey! Hey! Good morning!
It’s drizzly and misty here in LA,
and that leads to the obvious conclusion…
the sun won’t come out
until I work out.

It’s true.
I control the sun,
and the moon and the stars
merely by the strength of my work out.

Don’t believe it?
Take my attitude
and clean up your own weather.
You’ll find out.

Let me tell you something loopy about this,
and then offer an example of proof
about this work out thing.

Consider your body,
your skin is the fence.
Your awareness sits inside the fence,
And your eyes and ears are like searchlights
watching beyond the fence.

the real key is awareness.

You watch outside the fence of your skin
to feed your awareness.
Do you know how little awareness you are using?

one day you take up martial arts
and you realize that there is more to this awareness thing.
So you work out,
run some energy around the area
inside the fence,
through the arms and legs,
around the organs, and so on.
You punch and kick and throw,
and energy moves around inside your fence
more efficiently
the odd thing,
you become more aware.
Pushing that energy,
you watch the energy,
and you become more aware.
Anybody who has done martial arts
knows this is true.

And you reach the point where
you start to realize
that there is more than
eyes and ears and blood and bone.

There is this awareness coursing through your body,
and you start to ‘sense’ things,
which means you are aware of things
without using the eyes and ears.

you work out long enough
you suddenly are aware of something outside the fence,
beyond your skin,
without using the ears and eyes.
you are breaking the fence of your skin,
opening the doors of perception
realizing that there is more to life
than just a body.
There is you.
And you are awareness.
The big ’I am.’

one day I was working,
I haven’t spoken of this for probably a hundred or so newsletters,
so most of you haven’t heard it,
but I was working,
big door factory,
and during the lunch hour
one of the guys asked me about the martial arts.
So we went into the back room.
The light was very dim,
there was a lot of noise,
and we had to really concentrate on each other
to hear and be heard.

I was showing him suburito,
which is a basic sword strike exercise
from Aikido.
And I was showing him how to hold the sword upright,
preparatory to the strike,
and suddenly,
this huge force,
like the hand of a 100 foot giant
grabbed my body
and made the sword slash downwards behind me.
I was virtually helpless,
couldn’t stop the force,
but I had just enough awareness
to know that I had to do something,
and I pushed,
with every single ounce of my fiber,
to make the sword leave its path.
I pushed,
and it felt like I was lifting a thousand pounds.
My very bones made cracking noises.
The ‘sword’ did leaves its path
made a slight little blip
in an otherwise perfect
downward arc.

There was a guy behind me,
name of Eddie,
who had seen us working out
and decided to jump me.
He was only going to grab me,
but he was one of these fellows
with a little extra bit of nasty in his soul.

The sword
it was a actually a piece of track
used for closet doors,
cut down and slashed open his chest.
It was a mean,
nasty cut,
blood all over the place.
He staggers back
against a stack of pallets,
and he’s messed up.

So we got the first aid going,
he was going to have to go to the hospital
and get his chest sewed back together,
here’s the odd thing,
he wasn’t mad at me.
He was too messed up to be mad,
he was looking at his own mortal blood,
he was beyond anger and into surviving.
And I took advantage of the moment
and asked him what he had been doing.

He told me he was going to get me,
grab me for a joke,
have some fun with me.
Picking up on his words,
and some of the underlying meanings,
I asked him what he had been thinking
right before I cut him open.
I remember his exact words.
He looked up at me,
one hand clamped over the wound,
blood seeping through the fingers,
and he said,
“It’s funny,
I was right behind you,
just starting to jump,
and I thought,
‘Aha, got him!’
Then you cut me!”

the skin is a fence,
and there is a world outside the fence
that the martial arts illuminate,
and it doesn’t always use the eyes and the ears,
and it builds up the senses
of more than the eyes and ears.
it can take a lifetime,
if you matrix your martial art
then it becomes efficient
and you get those abilities a lot faster.
Get me,
it’s not matrixing that gives you the abilities,
it is your art that gives you those abilities,
matrixing just makes the process faster,
more efficient,
gets you there faster.
Without matrixing you go slow,
maybe don’t even get there.
With matrixing,
zingo bingo,
you’re there.

one last thing,
you remember how I said
I felt a huge force controlling my body?
Pulling my sword?
That was the real me,
and there is a similar force controlling you,
the real you.
Your body is a mere sliver of the real you.
Martial arts,
good martial arts,
especially if matrixed,
makes you aware of the real you.
The monstrous, huge, gigantic essence
that is the spiritual you
that controls that little thing
you call a body.

And when I pushed against my true spiritual force,
made the sword change its arc ever so slightly,
I saved Eddie’s face.
The cut would have gone right through his right temple,
taken out the eye,
and laid his skin to the bone.
Would have cut through the actual bone.

I had enough martial arts
that the true me could act,
because of the martial arts
I had enough presence of mind
to effect the true me,
and save somebody’s life.

I don’t know how good a guy I am,
I make a lot of mistakes,
I don’t always say or do the right thing,
no matter how hard I try.
But I’ve got a method that makes sense,
and it works,
and it works for everybody
and is even logical.
But it is going to take some sweat,
it’s going to take some work,
and it’s going to take a dedication of work outs,
even fully matrixed work outs,
but it is there,
and the proof is in you.
Can you work out hard enough,
efficiently enough
to bring out the truth of you?

I think so.
Here’s the link to help.

Monster Martial Arts

If you don’t feel like Karate,
look around for the art
that is closest to what you really want,
what will really help you find
the true spiritual giant
that you are.

Have a great work out.



Here’s something about the beginnings of my base art, the Kang Duk Won.
How A One Armed Student Studies Martial Arts
Leave a comment if you can, it helps my statistics.

It is the creative potential itself in human beings that is the image of God.
Mary Daly

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