I Used Martial Arts To Cut Open His Chest…And Found The Real Me.

I had been studying the martial arts for over twenty years when this incident happened. I had studied Parker’s Chinese Kenpo and Kwon Bop Korean Karate, Wing Chun and Aikido, and lots of other combat disciplines. I was working in a door factory at the time, and some of the fellows I worked with knew that I was a martial arts fanatic.

One lunchtime, one of my coworkers asked me to teach him something about the martial arts. We went into a room located at the rear of the factory. It was hard to see in the room, and quite noisy, and we had to really concentrate to hear each other speak.

I was showing him basic suburito sword exercises, which are Aikido sword fighting drills. I was showing him how to stand the right way, and how to hold the sword straight up in a ready position. Suddenly, I felt a huge force take hold of my body; it was like I had been grabbed by the hand of a 100 foot tall giant.

I couldn’t stop the motion of the sword, and it sliced down behind me. A guy named Eddie had been sneaking up on me, and the sword cut through his plaid shirt and into the flesh of his chest. It was a ragged wound, blood poured out, and he staggered back against a stack of pallets and clutched at his chest.

It was time for first aid, and we were going to have to take Eddie to the hospital and get his chest sewn back together. While we were waiting for a car, trying to stop the blood, I queried Eddie, “What were you doing?” He shook his head and said, “I was going to get you, man.

I was going to bearhug you from behind. I was just having fun, I thought it would be funny.” Sensing something else beneath his simple sentences, I asked him, “What were you thinking about, right when it happened?”

He frowned, “I thought I was going to get you. Right when I was starting to leap on you I thought, ‘Aha…got him!’ And then your sword cut me open!”

The flesh is nothing but a fence, and the eyes and ears are like searchlights that observe what goes on outside the fence. With the martial arts you start moving energy inside the fence, and you start to become more aware as to what is going on around you. Eventually you see outside the fence of your flesh. You learn how to see without even using the eyes and ears.

And, you learn that you are more than just a body, you are a spiritual being more than 100 feet tall. What I am saying here is that whether you study tae kwon do or Aikido, Gung Fu like Wing Chun, or something else, the answers are there, The Martial Arts an help you find the real you. You just need to dedicate yourself to working out, and in an art that is logical and efficient.

I use Matrixing  Technology to make my art really work. You can find out about it at Monster Martial Arts.

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