The One Thing You Need To Know To Have The Most Powerful Punch In The World!

Power, in the Martial Arts, especially martial arts like Karate or Kung Fu is often measured by how hard you can hit. Thus, people hit the bag and the Makiwara, and they do push ups to strengthen their arms, and…and they are doing it all wrong. You see, there is one critical factor that they are missing, and so all their push ups and punches and other exercises are for nothing.

I want to make a point here…and I can only do that by asking you one specific question? Where, during your punch, do your arms bear the most weight? The answer is obvious, they bear it at the end of the punch, when the arm is nearly extended.

So why do you need to push up your arm through the whole range of motion from the floor? Being strong at the beginning or middle of the punch is not important. Concentrating your work out through the whole range of motion is nothing but a waste.

So, do a work out, make it gentle and general, and build up your arms as a whole unit, then focus your work out on the end of the punch. This is easy to do, you can do it for virtually any exercise. All you have to do it isolate the part of the exercise where the arm is nearly extended, and put weight on that part of the exercise.

Let’s say you’re doing a push up. Do the push up until your arms are nearly extended, then do go to town. Do as many six inch push ups with the arms nearly extended, as you can, fast, concentrating on keeping your belly tight.

Here’s the trick, you need to feel the strength in your shoulders. The impact of the punch, you see, is going to go up your arms and into the shoulders. Thus, it is the shoulders that must become dense and strong.

Make the shoulders thick and dense, and do the exercise at various times of the day, until the muscles of the shoulders become as matter of fact as the leg muscles of a marathon runner. It’s funny that people have never thought of this, and I wonder at it, but it is common sense. I suppose the problem is that people get a general idea of exercise and never actually look at the exact goal they are trying to accomplish.

So do those ‘end of the arm six inch push ups like a maniac. Do them and breath and put your awareness in your shoulders, letting your shoulders grow and grow. This is the way you develop a punch that is stronger than anybody else’s, this is how you have the most powerful punch in the world.

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