Using The Martial Arts To Read Minds

The first time I ever read someones mind was in San Francisco. My wife and I were wandering through the stores in Chinatown, and we entered a shop where a grumpy faced old Chinese lady sat on a stool in a corner. As we peered at the goods, the grumpy one snapped at her daughter, “Look, look, look, everybody just look!”

We left the store, and I asked my wife, “Did you hear what that old lady said?” “How could I,” answered my wife. “She was speaking in Chinese.”

Speaking in Chinese, and I had heard her in English. In essence, I had read her mind and translated her thoughts into English. And I could do this, I instantly knew, because of the martial arts I had been studying.

The mind is like a big radio transmitter, but it transmits, and picks up, thoughts. The sad fact, however, is that the mind is always full of static. Children can usually read minds, but they outgrow the ability and don’t even remember it when they are adults.

In the martial arts you use the discipline of the body to clear out the static and clutter. You do this by concentrating on doing one thing, the form. Eventually, the distractions to the mind clear away, and the original ability is once again possible.

The problem, of course, is that the martial arts are so messed up that it is difficult to find a form, or series of forms, that work well anymore. Oddly, almost any form can work in this manner, if it is properly analyzed, and tweaked so that it is scientific and true. This normally takes a tremendous amount of work, occurring over decades, but the process can be speeded up if one learns the proper science.

Interestingly, the old religious classics of such arts as Tai Chi and other Wudang arts, speak of being child like in your approach to the world. I also saw mention of this concept in Buddhist works of Zen. The problem, of course, is that by the time one resurrects this ability one has become old.

At any rate, the old tales are true, the martial arts really do work, and in ways far removed from fighting. Indeed, though the martial arts teach people how to defend themselves, things like reading minds is the real start. And the start of this start, for most people, is simply walking through the doors of that neighborhood dojo and learning a little Karate or Tai Chi Chuan or Aikido.

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