Monster Newsletter #300–How To Read Minds!

It’s the 300th issue of the newsletter!
That’s 300 times
I’ve told you to get off your fanny
and go work out!

Think about it,
maybe three hundred hours
of perfecting your form,
of growing younger and healthier.
life is worth it.

let’s celebrate 300
with a special newsletter.
Let me tell you the truth about reading minds.

At some point in my martial career,
somewhere past twenty years,
I hadn’t been freestyling much,
just working on forms,
and I went to freestyle with a student

I was suddenly looking down a long tube at my student.
I was motionless,
didn’t lean in any direction,
and my ability to explode and win the fight was totally certain.
I knew it,
my student could feel it.
Actually began shaking.

I bowed and backed off,
bowed and set again,
I was definitely looking down a long tube.
It was mystical,
but not mystical,
and it wasn’t going away.
Anybody who does his forms for thirty or forty years
and pays attention to certain factors,
is going to achieve this.
how do you achieve it faster?
Why decades?
Why not years?
Or…even months!
Why not?

since that time
I have tried to isolate the exact factors
behind this ability.

you must do forms,
and you must have CBM
(Coordinated Body Motion)
All parts of the body start motion at the same time,
and all parts of the body stop at the same time,
and the motion is synchronized
in accordance with size, shape, mass of body part,
and so on.

your forms,
and your whole system,
must be matrixed
(if you want it to happen in years or months instead of decades).
You must make your motions efficient,
and there must be an underlying logic
to how and why you move.

you must do your forms with singular intention.
You must concentrate only on what you are doing,
you must put aside distractions.
I read a lot of zen to get this concept.
You can read Neutronics
and understand it a lot faster.
The mere description
of what is actually happening in the universe
is going to make it difficult
to get distracted.

you must realize that
there are only three motions in the universe.
A person is either going towards you,
away from you,
or with you.
Understanding this
makes it easier to understand what direction
a person is going to take.
It is a simplicity which works,
and will open up other doors.

as time passes,
as you become more and more distraction free,
more in the tube,
you will actually start to pick up people’s thoughts.
to be honest,
it probably won’t happen in the dojo
so much as the work a day world.
It’ll happen at a party,
or at a store,
or somewhere weird.

what has happened is that your mind is like a radio transmitter/receiver.
You have used a body discipline
to get rid of mental distractions (static),
and you have focused your awareness
and really looked at what is happening,
and your mind can now pick up thoughts.

it will take work,
but it is not mystical,
though it does result in an ability
that some people are going to think is mystical.
When you get there,
you will know that it is just hard work,
and paying attention to detail.

I know there are a couple of people reading this
who have already put in the work,
and what I have said here
is going to jog it all for them
and give them the ability now.

You guys who this happens to,
write and let me know your experiences.
I want the wins,
and I want to use them to encourage people
to get this ability faster.

Okey doke,
you need to work out,
and you need to matrix your art.
I should probably give you a link
so you know where to go
to get your matrixing.
Go to this link…

Monster Martial Arts

Pick out the course that interests you!

great things coming up.
Got another Master Instructor to announce,
will do so next newsletter.

BlindingSteel is going to shut down any day,
Last chance to take advantage of that site and courses.
I’m going to reload Monkeyland pretty soon.
Been working hard on that one.
My fingers are a little shorter for pounding on the keyboard over that one.

Last announcement,
I have had a couple of problems with the mail.
One fellow was not receiving,
I have sent him three courses,
and it looks like it is going to get there now.

One fellow sent me a check,
but didn’t tell me what course,
I am waiting for his reply,
and have misplaced his original letter.
If you are him,
let me know!

Another fellow,
I received his course back in the mail,
no one at that address.
No response to emails,
if you are him,
let me know.

In short,
if you have any problems,
have not received your order,
please let me know.

My business works
if I fill orders fast,
and keep people jazzed
on the martial arts,
and life in general.
So let me know if there is any problem.

Have a great work out,
and know that you are the most powerful person in the universe.
There is no doubt and no argument
concerning that.



Want a stronger punch? Here’s the article that will give it to you.
Internal Karate, Matrixing, And The Strongest Punch!
Leave a comment if you can, it helps my statistics.

Metaphysics means nothing but an unusually obstinate effort to think clearly.
William James

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