Monster Newsletter #299–Under the Surface!

Good, good, good
A work out a day
keeps the insanity away.
And that’s the truth.
Thanks for being sane.

You know,
sanity is merely a halfway point.
The human race evolves in the following manner,

Insanity is the jungle like struggle for survival.
Dog eat dog,
We all go through it,
at some point.
you either die,
hang yourself,
jump off a building,
or you go sane.

getting along,
turns into the same old same old.
It’s true.

I mean,
after you go sane,
what do you do?
How do you get that extra ability?
Do you keep struggling?
But against what?
For what?

people have been seeking their true abilities all along,
the martial arts have provided
these extra abilities
that are our true nature,
our real birthright.

The problem has been
everybody has a different viewpoint.
Aikido says universal love,
Jujitsu says ground and pound,
Tai Chi says inner calmness,
and so on.

Of course,
I believe
why not have them all?
Why not have all the abilities of all the arts?
I mean,
with matrixing…
you can!

interestingly enough,
I’m not going to push matrixing on you.
I’ve been doing that all along,
you know what’s going on,
so let me kick it into high gear,
break out of the same old same old,
and tell you something new.

Let me tell you something neutronic.

The way to achieve higher ability
in any and all arts
is to do all the arts.
it’s not just doing them,
it’s how you do them.
To tell you how to do them,
let me point something out.

Google something.
Doesn’t matter what
and you have just accessed the surface thoughts of humanity.
the study of bugs,
you have just skimmed
the surface knowledge of mankind.
You have looked across the things of the universe,
you know about the measurements of the universe,
and the abstract thoughts concerning,
do you get it?
But you only know…about.
You don’t know.

to know,
as opposed to know about,
you have to actually do,
you have to make the knowledge your own,
by experiencing it.

This is like saying,
you have swum across the surface.
So how do you take a breath
and dive beneath the surface?

diving beneath the surface
is something we  have been doing
through the martial arts
all along.
Through the martial arts
we have been measuring our souls
by the depth of our experience.
We have been delving into ourselves.
Finding ourselves,
the truth of ourselves,
and it starts with the form of you
and digs into the worth of you.

The problem has been
we fight each other
over whose experience best illustrates the depths.

Who’s art is best?

They are all the best,
because they do reflect
Our depths.
The real who of us.
The ‘I am.’
Who we are
and why we are.

organizes the data,
and lays it out
so we can understand
exactly where we are
who we are
why we are.

here is the point of it all
here is how you get those extra abilities
from each art
and every art,
here is the exact thing you must do
when you do the martial arts
if you are going to
dive beneath the surface
and find yourself.

Do your form without surface thought.
Do not have sentences occurring
while you are working out.
Do not have thoughts and considerations.
Do only what you are doing
and exclude all else.

When you get rid of the surface thoughts
when you crack through the shell of the surface thoughts
you will find great space.

What you perceive,
the universe,
it is all nothing more than
great space.
And there is where you are going to find your abilities.

something to understand.
People have been doing this forever,
but they do it apart,
and they don’t upload the data
for the whole race
except through arcane script.
Esoteric mumblings.
Secret scrolls
that get destroyed
by those who didn’t make it
and don’t want anybody
to make it.
Their credo is
‘No enlightenment for man!’
And it is a mean credo,
an enslaving credo,
and should be held up to light
so that it will stop being effective.

with matrixing
you organize the data,
and you understand that anybody can do it
and everybody should do it
and that the extra abilities available to mankind
can be had.

You just have to work.
But now you know the direction
your work must take,
you know how simple it is,
and how difficult.

To put side the world
and be only you
you must have
purpose with no surface thought.

No you know why people meditate before class,
so they can dedicate themselves to
getting rid of surface thought.

Now you know why people meditate.

the martial arts
as a discipline which actually handles
the force and flow of the universe
works so much better.

But you have to do more than google the surface thoughts.
You have do the art.
Not talk,
not surf the net,
but take an hour or two a day
and dedicate it to the martial arts,
to you,
to finding out who you are.

some people believe in prayer,
nothing wrong with that,
as a martial artist,
your form is your prayer.
Not your reaction time,
because that is something you are trying to lose.
Not the ability to beat people up,
because you are trying to give that up.
the belief in yourself,
that under the howdie do exterior
under the work a day world
and the clothes and the cars,
under the day to day
how are you doing communications
in which you pass by your fellow man,
there is a great space,
a you,
a depth of perception people have only dreamt of.

So do your forms,
dedicate yourself to not having thought,
but rather seeking a goal,
and achieving a goal
through the purity of the fist,
the kick,
the throw,
the now.

Okey doke,
This has been a set up,
I’m going to tell you the truth about reading minds
in issue 300.
Until then,
practice your forms…
do your moves,
hone your techniques,
and stop thinking.

Here’s a link


Just to let you know,
I let the Blinding Steel website go.
It will disappear in a few days,
so take your last look,
your last order.
I will be changing Monkeyland
pretty quick.
Got to make some updates.
So take a last gander at that site,
time to upgrade

That all said,
next issue,
we read minds.
Talk to you then.



Google this…
Three Reasons Tai Chi Works Better Than Any Other Martial Art
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To confine our attention to terrestrial matters would be to limit the human spirit.
Stephen Hawking

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