The Third Evolutionary Step Of The Martial Arts

There are actually three steps when it comes to the evolution of man. These steps are cut and dried, but are unrecognizable in todays martial arts. When you Matrix the martial arts, however, even specific arts, like karate or kung fu, then your evolutionary path opens up before you.

The first step is nothing more than the struggle for survival. We are born, and our parents try to protect us and educate us, but at some point we all must enter into the struggle for survival. Making a living, finding out what we really want to do, day to day survival.

Interestingly, many of these early struggles have to do with our fellow man. It is not just the struggle for body survival, but how to get along with society which, lets face it, is not always sane. If we survive this early struggle, if we do not jump off a cliff or hang ourselves, then we become sane, though this is a relative state.

Sanity is the second step, and it is marked by the fact that we realize that we are not alone. Mankind is not necessarily something to struggle against, but a force that can enhance ourselves and the fact of survival. But, as I said, there is relative sanity.

Some people, upon learning that they are not alone, resist this state and try to destroy it. People build machines of war, corporations dedicated to slavery, governments of intolerance and…insanity. This is the stage where martial arts is most crucial, for it not only aids survival, it offers opportunities to step out of the increased insanity sometimes offered by humanity, and to find and develop the unique abilities that make individuals what they are.

This third step, finding our true worth, is what the martial arts are all about; this is where the human being rises to his full magnitude, or dwindles into a cinder. And, at this point, let me tell you the exact method one needs to pursue to discover the truth of self that is our true birthright. Here is where Matrixing and Neutronics establish themselves.

Matrixing provides the discipline, and Neutronics offers the actual how and why for discipline and survival. The secret is to do your martial art form, and rid yourself of surface thought. Do this by aligning your form with matrixing, and understanding why you need to align it with Neutronics.

Surface thoughts are nothing more than bland sentences, and have little to do with what is under the surface of our beingness. By dedicating oneself to a form until one is only doing the form, and not thinking about anything else at all, one finds and develops a Great Space of Awareness. It is this Great Space of Awareness that is the point of it all, and it can be developed through any art, be it kung fu, karate or whatever, if a person merely applies Matrixing, and understands what they are doing through Neutronics.

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