Monster Newsletter #297–Bodies for Bullets!

Good Day!
And one heck of a work out!
I tell ya,
work outs is golden!
They just make you feel so good.
Especially when I have worries.
I just work out,
the worries leave,
and a solution comes in the door.
I love martial arts.

I’m reading a huge book
on the Korean War.
Fascinating stuff.
And the battlefield strategy
is phenomenal.

The communist strategy is summed up easily,
Charge if the enemy runs.
Flee if the enemy attacks,
Maintain contact and apply pressure
if they are neither charging nor fleeing.

That’s it!
That’s the whole strategy!
the key to this strategy is
you must be willing to trade bodies for bullets.
The communists believed that
if they charged with a million men
and the enemy only had 900,000 bullets,
then they would win.

So they used guerilla warfare,
and when they found a weakness,
they charged,
hundreds of thousands of men at a time.
The only problem was
the US didn’t run out of bullets.

What a waste, eh?
And for what?
Belief systems.
What a waste.

it’s a huge book,
1000 pages
of facts and figures
and absolutely fascinating,
and it gives me lots of ideas
for matrixing.

I mean,
I read the book,
get the overview of the overall geography,
an idea of the terrain,
an inkling of freezing/muddy/blood boiling weather.
I think about the kinds of weapons
that were used,
(The Chinese often had one gun for three men,
they would charge
and pick up weapons
as they could)
and I matrix the whole thing.

What if the US army used guerrilla tactics a bit more?
What if the North Koreans and Chinese
used ideas of modern warfare a bit more?
What if the UN forces fought at night?
What if the communist forces
paid attention to establishing supply lines,
and tried a little more slow but sure tactics?
What if they went around hills,
dug tunnels there,
cut off retreats there…
So many things to think about.

But the weakness here,
the thing to understand about all this,
is that the communist strategy is fine
for individual combat.
It does not work
for modern warfare.

think about it,
it is a martial arts strategy
taken to an unworkable extreme,
unless you are willing to spend
bodies for bullets.

the funniest thing about all this,
if anything about it can be considered funny,
is the Communist general.
His name was Lin Paio
I believe,
was considered a huge hero,
he had just pushed Chang Kai Sheks armies
out of China proper.
Fought all sorts of wars,
always won,
and then he lost in Korea
(or, at least, didn’t win)
so they sacked him.

But what was his strategy?
Follow orders.
Charge waves of humanity to their deaths
without even the benefit of weapons.
And this was their great strategist?
If it wasn’t so incredibly and untterably sad
I’d be LMAO!

it’s a hell of a read,
The Forgotten War
by John Costello.

That all said,
let me leave you with a poem I once wrote,
which sums up my true feelings about war
and suffering
and man’s inhumanity to man.


We built a trebuchet
in class today
and risked the parents’ ire

talk of the cow
flung over the wall
caused us to laugh without tire

then we grew grim
remembering then
as plagues piled bodies ever higher

Thank God we can laugh
at war in class
not smelling the rot and the pyre

okey dokey,
and amigettes.
I put Temple Karate back on the website.
it’s at the bottom of the home page,
and it is a real deal.
Eleven forms,
including finger takedowns
intention throws,
and all sorts of stuff.
It’s the kind of classical you can believe in.

Temple Karate Link

Have a great week,
and may you go home with bruises,
wake up stiff and sore
and know that
the art has been writ upon your bones.



This is a really nifty article that will make you think!
How To Have Sixth Sense Abilities In The Martial Arts
Leave a comment, it helps my statistics.

The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.
Marcus Aurelius

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