The Secret Of Achieving Sixth Sense Abilities In The Martial Arts

All of my life I wanted to achieve fantastical sixth sense abilities. I wanted to be able to see inside minds, always be in the right spot at the right time, know what was going to happen before it happened. I discovered that the martial arts are the perfect way to develop these abilities.

Unfortunately, not all martial arts work in this manner. There are some arts that are incredible, and they open the spirit up and enhance abilities like nobody’s business. But then there are arts that are just thuggish cockfights, backroom brawls so low they make animals look high.

This difference, the difference between low and high martial arts, can easily be understood. It is very simple to discern why some arts excel when it comes to creating magnitude and finery in the human soul, and some don’t. This is actually not just a matter of philosophy, but a mechanistic condition relating to the nature of a human being.

Imagine the human spirit as a light bulb. There is the grungy, dingy one, maybe made of red glass, that hangs in some dungeon. Then there is the light that is sharp and shiny, a laser, able to illuminate anything it is shined upon.

A dirty light bulb stops the light, and we are talking about dirt as in anger and rage and the desire to hurt people. A laser light is not covered with filth, and the very waves of light have been aligned to make that light brilliant and infinite. So the first thing in this matter of gaining heightened sixth senses is to clean off the light bulb that you are, get rid of the rage and anger, and make all the parts of the body work together.

To coordinate the parts of the body so they work together, and are not possessed and filtered by anger, is something the human being does. The spirit, the real person, the actual being, must endeavor to accomplish this. Thus, to be a spirit, to ‘use’ the soul, in the simple act of coordinating the body parts, will cause the human being to shine brightly and put him on the road of increased abilities.

The second thing is to matrix the martial arts one is learning. This, again, is the act of alignment, but now one coordinates the pieces of the arts, and makes the arts into one functioning unit. Again, the spirit must be clean, unfettered, and diligent in creating this alignment of art.

Interestingly, alignment is nothing more than the fact of organizing, and it cleans the soul. In aligning body and art, one organizes the very spirit that one is, and when the soul is coordinated the sixth sense abilities will blossom. Coordination of body and alignment of art, this is how you Matrix Martial Arts and achieve greatness and magnitude and abilities of the sixth sense.

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