The Cruel Trap Of The Martial Arts And Fah Jing

I’m going to tell you about Fah Jing, and Matrix Martial Arts, and what it really is, but to do so I have to push your face into one of the cruel traps of the martial arts. This cruel trap has bedeviled martial artists since forever, and it really is time to break out of the trap. It is time to find out what holds up the progress of the martial arts, makes them long and hard to learn, and makes them even ineffective.

The cruel trap of which I speak is the lack of adequate language. This trap comes in two specifics, yet is easily broken. The strength to pick up a dictionary, however, is more than a student seems to have.

Many martial arts instructors come to this country, and they don’t always speak the language of the people they wish to teach. Thus, the students are left with memorizing terms which are poorly understood. Thus, the student must learn not just the surface meaning of a term, but the reality behind the term.

The second specific, in this matter of languages, is that ancient languages do not describe a science. But the martial arts are a science, and they must be understood as such. To demonstrate this concept, let’s consider Fah Jing.

Fah Jing means explosive power. But where do you explode from, and how do you channel the energy, and what do you do with it? Simple practice will show you, but it takes ten times longer than it should, and it would take ten times shorter to understand if the language was adequate and scientific.

Pretend the arm is a hollow tube. Take a firm stance and move the tube so that energy shifts the length of the tube and impacts upon the far end. This is Fahjing.

Now explore the physics of the matter. What kind of relaxation is necessary to enable you to move the tube properly, so that energy runs the length of the tube. How is the tube connected to the body, and what must you do with the body so as to best and most efficiently move the tube?

When you get past the misunderstood language, and the terms that might mean something to an ancient culture, but which lack scientific relativity, you will find that tai chi, and other arts, open up like the doors of heaven. It is physics, you see, that will enable you to master the mystical arts, and to truly delve deep into them. It is physics that we study and master when we Matrix Tai Chi Chuan.

1 thought on “The Cruel Trap Of The Martial Arts And Fah Jing

  1. whitecranemedicine

    Great points my friend … feel free to check out my blog … it’s on Chinese Medicine & Philosophy. I have spent a career bridging the language gap between “modern” science and “chinese” science … a narrow mind makes you miss the beauty of the forest for the trees … from both sides at that!

    Have a great day.


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