Supercharging For The Most Powerful Punch!

There is a trick that is used to give you the most powerful punch in the world. This is a trick from classical karate, and students frequently struggle with it for years. I think if you understand the physics I give you here, you will be able to do this trick.

This trick is from the third move in the form called Pinan One. It is called Heian One in Japanese. This is the move where you block and kick at the same time, then stomp your foot as you block in the other direction.

To understand the physics you have to understand that bending your leg makes you create more energy. The deeper the stance, the more you bend your legs, the more your legs work, the more energy you have to create. This energy locates from the Tan tien, which is an energy generator located just below the navel.

When you stomp your foot in precisely the right manner, you have a sudden increase in weight. A sudden increase in weight is going to trigger a sudden increase in the energy produced by the tan tien. This energy can be channeled out to you kick, block or punch.

To make this work you must not stomp the foot too hard. Stomping the foot too hard is going to result in damage to the foot. It can also cause long term damage up the leg and into the spine.

To make this work, then, does not require excessive strength, it requires exquisite timing. The arms must come back at the same time the leg comes back. The hips must turn at the correct rate of speed so that the body is moving as one unit.

Moving the hips is crucial, they must turn with the whole body, and support the alignment of the legs and arms. The hips must be able to stop at the right time. Stopping is done by emphasizing, gently, the stomp of the foot.

Not too much strength, perfect timing, using the body as one unit. This is the key to supercharging your punch, kick or block. Guaranteed, if you can do these things, and especially with the move from Pinan One, then you are going to have the most powerful punch in the world.

3 thoughts on “Supercharging For The Most Powerful Punch!

  1. Pat

    Karate punching is an art, often overlooked by the invention of Mixed Martial Arts. More people should understand and train to create correct technique.

  2. Emcy

    The trick you are describing exist, but you are explaining it in a very very wrong way.
    The physics in your explanation is simply a mess.

    Let me help you out:
    – Energy is NOT created, nothing is created (rember Einstein?)
    – Weight CANNOT be gained out of thin air
    – you cannot mix physics/byomechanics and Chi in the same exlanation : they are separate worlds
    – it is NOT the stoping of the foot.

    Stomping feet does nothing but sound.
    The effect you whant to achieve is the complete, coherent, uniform tension and contraction of the body in a precise moment for a very very short period of time (the impact)

    IE: when trowing a punch maing a step forward.
    You start moving making your step, you “lock” (or freeze, but not exaclty, sort of contraction) a 10th (so to speak) of a second before your hand hits the target and before your foot touches the ground. The result is a WHOLE BODY in motion with his inertia colliding onto the target with his whole compact, uniform, coherent mass, as if it was a marble statue.
    The stomping of the foot IS JUST A EXTERNAL LESSER RESULT of your WHOLE body touching the ground all together in a compact for and thus not softhening the impact as it normally would.
    Afther the impact you let go and relax: don’t whanna rush your blood pressure or absorb the vibes resulting from the impact.

    1. alcase Post author

      Hey Marco, once again we disagree (grin). I appreciate your concern with physics, but physics is merely a description of how to measure the universe. Use of the technique as I described it causes more energy to gather in the tan tien, and we probably shouldn’t quibble over the word cause or create. If you follow my instructions western physics actually transcends into the physics of chi, which western physics hasn’t managed to adequately measure. Not separate worlds, but different stages of evolution. Again, I thank you for taking the time to put forth your thoughts. Yours in the arts. Al


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