People Who Hate Matrix Aikido

The people who hate me the most, when it comes to Aikido, and especially Matrix Aikido, are people who study Pa Kua Chang. You can’t believe the things these people have said to me, always anonymously, always on the net, and always without ever having taken one of my courses.
Isn’t that interesting? What do they care? They aren’t even the same art!
Well, it is obvious that they consider themselves the keepers of the secrets.
And here I am, making everything so you can understand it, stripping away the mystery, making arts fast and simple to study.
Should an art take long to learn?
A Martial Art is simple data that must be transferred to the mind in a workable manner.
Yes, there will be time involved to make the body do what you want it to, but even that time will be shortened considerably when you know what it is you are supposed to be doing before you do it.
Well, I wish all Pa Kua chang students well, and Aikido students, and students everywhere. Monster Martial Arts awaits.

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