Monster Newsletter #294–Changing the Program!

I just got up,
and I am so-o-o-o
looking forward to working out.
Better than coffee,
better than TV,
better than…

Have I told you what TV actually is?
Look, before I do that,
Work out quick,
make sure you’re strong enough to take it,
(hummm, tap toe, look at watch)
you’re back already!
Go work out again,
and this time
take your time,
(hummm, tap toe, look at watch)
that’s better.
You’re looking good now.

let me give you the skinny.

Mine was the television generation.
We watched something like six to eight hours of TV a night.
Leave it to Beaver,
Dick Van Dyke,
Laugh In.

the funny thing is,
when I was done with school and had found the martial arts,
I was gone for two three hours a night,
and I was sweating,
communicating with real people,
learning that nothing is as enlightening,
and unforgiving
as a punch in the face.

No TV,
and I felt smarter than any time I had been in school.

let me tell you something.
There is a difference between schooling,
and education.
Schooling trains you,
like a mindless dog,
to do tricks on command.
Education enlightens you.

And TV is programming.
You watch a TV
and you are getting programmed.
Do you want to work out,
laugh and have fun
with some of the best guys and gals in the world?
Or do you want to get programmed?

you see,
is an electronic raygun.
The earlier TVs this was really obvious.
They were actual electronic projectors,
and they shot electrons right into your brain,
your mind,
the way you think.

When I was a kid,
I was getting schooled,
and therefore wanted to be programmed,
so I could get a job
and do what I was told.

When I became a martial artist
I took joy in my friends,
in my competence,
in being enlightened and observant,
in actually seeing the world,
and not a bunch of electronic pictures.

Is TV bad?
It’s just a tool.
Use it to learn,
use it to watch DVDs you buy from
worthy martial artists.
But if you find yourself becoming addicted to a program,
be careful.
Might be time to pull the plug and go work out.
Sweat out all those nasty electrons that have
parasited themselves
right in to your fragile, eggshell mind.

That said,
let me give you a couple of wins.

Keep up the good work Al.


Thanks Jack,
I will!

By the way I wanted to tell you that Matrix Aikido was mind blowing!

That is from Matt,
Thanks Matt.
You have yourself a ball!

I have been teaching a couple of MA classes on the side for about 12 months so I just was wondering whether I can scale up and make a living from MA instruction and along comes your little freebie dealing with the same subject. Co-incidence or fate????
Be Well

Thanks Nick,
I am well,
and well done to you for making the universe work
exactly the way you want it to.
Be professional and businesslike
and you can make a living doing martial arts,
and should.
The world always has room for more dedicated,
fire breathing martial artists!

I could go on and on,
and should.
After all,
I’m not watching TV,
so I’m getting the wins,
the point is this…
these people are not watching TV.
they are not doing as they are told,
they are so bright that
I gotta wear shades!

What about it?
Gonna scroll through the mail,
shut down and hit the tube?

are you going to scroll through the mail,
head on over to Monster Martial Arts,
get inspired,
Have the Work Out of Your Life!

Monster awaits.

The Punch!

take advantage of this link,
I not only put the kick and the punch on CD,
but I have been putting the
how to Put Out a Candle on it.
that’s three books,
and a savings of $50.
That’s if you can (heh) drag yourself away from the TV!

Now go work out again!



Google The Combative Strategy of the Five Animals of Shaolin Kung Fu
Leave a comment, it helps my statistics.

Television is a medium of entertainment which permits millions of people to listen to the same joke at the same time, and yet remain lonesome.
TS Eliot

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