Any Martial Art can be an Internal Art!

It takes three things for a martial art to be an internal Art. If these three things are done, virtually any art will start manifesting Chi, and those abilities that are peculiar to an internal art.
The first, and least important item, is it takes a good student.
The second, and very important item is it takes a good system. This is a system that has good physics, and in which the student is drilled endlessly in the basic and physics of the system.
The third, and most important thing, is the instructor. A good instructor can make a bad student into a good student, or at least drive him out of the arts. A good instructor will insist that physics and basics be drilled and understood; he will make sure the student understands the why and the how behind every single thing he does.
Here’s the freaky thing about this. People often compliment me on my understanding of the internal arts. Man, great Tai Chi. Where did you learn your Pa Kua, and so on. What they don’t understand is that I learned the internal side of the art in Karate. My physics and basics were drill into me by a very great and magnificent instructor. Once understood, it was simple dimple to utilize these internal concepts in any other art I chose to learn.
Three things, good student, great system, and fantastic instructor, that’s the key to success, and that’s you make any art into an internal art, that’s the key behind Monster Martial Arts.

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