The Value of a Martial Arts Certificate

“There’s my name.”
Teddy was a new instructor, who had known the head instructor for years. He was a Green Belt.
He was pointing at the head instructor’s bBlack Belt certificate.
A Green Belt had signed a Black Belt’s certificate?
There was more to the story of course, and that more was purely political in nature.
My instructor did deserve his Black Belt, and he had had to leave his school, and organization, and promote himself to get it.
But, though I knew the value of my instructor, I had just learned the value of paper.
Paper doesn’t matter, ornate certificates don’t matter. What matters is the competence of the instructor.
I always chuckle inside when people relay their lineage…as if it matters.
And I make sure that my signature means something when I put it to a piece of paper.
Competence, honesty, ability…those are the things that matter at Monster Martial Arts.

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