The Craziest Self Defense Technique in the World!

I taught my son Karate. Taught him well, and he knew what good karate was. One day he came home laughing. I asked him what was up.
“I just learned the craziest self defense technique in the world!”
I asked him what it was.
“You jump high in the air, and come down and punch the other guy on the foot.”
Now, he was laughing, I was laughing, and you’ve probably got a chuckle ready to go as you read this.
Jump high to punch low? The foot?
What was wrong with the guy who told my son this technique?
Interestingly, I heard a coach on the Ultimate Fighting Championship recommend this technique.
Fortunately, I avoid those techniques. Jumping high in the air just to get low enough to hit a foot is not one of the techniques you’ll learn in the Shaolin Butterfly.

1 thought on “The Craziest Self Defense Technique in the World!

  1. Caroline

    Good self defense does not have to be a knock-down, drag-out fight to the finish as in the movies. It requires an awareness of the environment and the potential dangers in the immediate area.

    Self defense is not about beating someone to a pulp but to survive and escape with minimal physical damage to oneself.


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