Ambushing the Monkey Kung Fu!

Suddenly, I felt a presence at the door. I turned to see a monkey kung fu instructor from across town. He wore his uniform and it was obvious that he had come to challenge me.
“Hey, come on in and have a seat,” I invited him cheerfully.
Suspiciously, he took a seat. He opened his mouth to speak, perhaps to deliver his challenge, when he was interrupted by one of his own students.
“Sensei! The halls are clear!” She stood at the door, ready to fight, ready to defend her sensei to the death.
I always wondered why they thought I would have an ambush ready when I didn’t even know they were coming.
Anyway, no ambush happened, and no war occurred. I was simply too polite and cheerful.
And, quite honestly, I was too busy to get involved in petty fights. I was formulating this method for making the martial arts easy to understand and quick to learn. I was putting together Matrix Karate.

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