What if You Could Learn Real Kung Fu in a Couple of Months?

Interesting idea, eh? Sounds like one of those old Kung Fu movies, but is it possible? Could it be true that you actually have unlimited potential, and could learn a complete Kung Fu system within a couple of months?

The mind is unlimited, you know, and that means that you are unlimited. The trick of course, is to figure out a Kung Fu program that downloads into your mind with perfect sense and ease. The trick is to find a software program that really works, and that is actually designed to match your mind.

Most Martial Arts programs take a long time to learn, and there is a reason for this. Actually, there are several reasons. They all have to do with incorrect data, illogical data, missing data, and that sort of thing that crashes a computer.

First, you must realize that the martial arts are taught using ancient oral traditions. They are passed along by the use of songs and poetry. This is incredibly inefficient, and there is no telling how much data has been lost over the millennium.

Second, you must realize that the martial arts are taught by ‘monkey see monkey do.’ This is mimicry, which is the simplest form of communication in the world. It works, but does not allow for the interchange of concepts, which makes it totally inadequate for teaching Kung fu, Hapkido, Krav maga, or any art you may wish to mention.

Third, you must realize that the martial arts are taught by having students memorize random strings of data. Memorization is totally inadequate, and often has nothing to do with learning. A tape recorder can’t think, it’s as simple as that.

So to learn a complete kung fu system, or to straighten out any martial art you might know, you must change the way you look at the martial arts, and especially their training methods. You must have mimicry and memorization, but the subject has to be arranged in the correct order. This is difficult to do, for people have been enraptured, and convinced, that the old ways of learning are the best ways.

The human mind, you see, is a perfect computer, but it is prone to ‘garbage in garbage out.’ You don’t have to fix your mind to learn more, you just have to fix the programs that go into it. Doesn’t matter what Martial Arts you know, doesn’t even matter if you don’t know the martial arts, you can learn a kung fu system, or any martial art, within a couple of months, all you have to do is change your method of training.

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