How to Have Totally Quick Hands in the Martial Arts!

I don’t care how much muscle the other guy has, if you have speed, then you are going to win. If hthrows a punch, you are fast enough to block or step out of the way. If you throw a punch, it is faster than his block.

Do you understand how important speed is? Yet, the sad fact is that nobody ever teaches speed. Nobody ever teaches you the specialized techniques or drills that result in your becoming able to move your body faster and faster.

To be honest, to took me nearly seven years of dedicated discipline and practice to become fast in the martial arts. That’s seven years of forms and techniques and freestyle and bruises and work and exhaustion. And I knew there had to be a better way.

I first became fast through the first move of the form Botsai. That is the move where you do a triple block, and the body protests because you are trying to make it do large movements to handle simple movements. And that concept is one of the keys to becoming faster.

Simply, if you absolutely and positively have to do something…then you will. So in Bot Sai somebody is firing three simply punches at me, and I have to respond with three large circles of the body, complete with hip twisting. I have to do it, and, practice enough, and I am able to do it.

So to get faster the old way, I had to set up a problem to be solved, then train my body over a number of years. And I saw similar methods in other arts. And I saw some arts which went simple, but then they lost out on the hips and generation of power.

But I did realize something through my experience and observations, and that something is called visualization. Stand in one position, be there, and forget about being anywhere else. When you have forgotten what you are doing enough, be in another position.

The idea here is to take out the consideration for weight and movement that is inherent in the way you move. Be here…then be there, and nothing in between. It’s more of a zen martial art, at this point, and it still takes some work, but by backing up your Karate sweat with a bit of mental attention and intention, it is possible to speed up your hands in months instead of years.

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