Six Steps to Martial Heaven!

Good morning!
I just did a whole buncha Tai Chi
up on the roof,
halfway through,
I get so heady
it’s hard to go on.
I mean…

what do you do after you go to heaven?
What’s left?
write a newsletter,
of course.
And who said heaven doesn’t get any better,

in considering what to write
I found myself talking with the Rocket
up Canada way,
and we were talking about hips,
and this is a great subject for the newsletter

In Kenpo we never talked about hips,
we always just went with the speed of the hands
being sufficient to
put in the power.
no hips,
except the wiggle at the conclusion of punch
that I sometimes speak ill of.

Then I went to the Kang duk Won,
classical karate,
and I learned to put the hips into the motion.
Slamming them like a door.
We used to practice this every class,
at the kang duk won.
Standing in a front stance,
pivoting into a front stance with a reverse punch,
back and forth
front stance to front stance,
slam, slam, slam.

At the conclusion of my Kang Duk Won training
I realized that I didn’t have to slam the hips,
just make small motions,
take them in and out of the technique,
just a shift of body alignment,
and this was what some people called
hip vibration.

a decade or so passes,
and I write the article on Karate and Internal power.
It’s on the site somewhere.
and the idea of concentrating power in the hips
is replaced by turning the body,
using it like a pipe half filled with sand,
to make all the sand on the inside
slam at the same time.

And, another decade or so passes,
and I realize that
I don’t have to roll the whole body,
I can just ‘slosh’ the tan tien
‘let go’
and energy will manifest
and be usable.

here’s what we have

1 No hips (hip wiggle)
2 hip slam
3 hip vibration
4 body like a pipe
5 tan tien like a cup
6 let go

a couple of problems.
Tai Chi tries to go to number five
without doing the first four.
No wonder tai chi takes a decade or two

Karate goes to number three
and no further.
They need to find number three,
and then change arts.
And every art has this problem,
in addition to not understanding
the exact sequence
as I have listed it here.

You have to be able to do every step
and be able to teach every step,
or you have missing data.
Blank spots in your art.

It’s not enough to know there are blank spots,
you must actually force yourself to look at the blank spots.
But it’s not hard to do,
if everything has been written out for you.
Easy to understand english.

Of course,
here comes the pitch!)
you might have to part with a small sum.

The Punch has this stuff in detail,
and gives all the data.

if you really want to jump whole hog,
then you just need to purchase whatever art you need
to fill in the blank spots of your education.

There is a progression of hard to soft
on the list I have given to you.
So figure out what you need.

That simple.
if you have question,
ask me.
I usually have an idea,
can at least hint you in some direction.

I need to do some rewriting,
but you actually have two choices
two different deals you could take advantage of
on The Punch.

Try this one
The Punch!
and if you don’t like it,
you could head over to
and check out the deal there.

Whatever you want.

I get so many wins in the mail,
and I really don’t share them as much as I should,
so here’s one…

…I am know using kickboxing to teach force and the 40 monkeys to teach flow.  I am using your approach of teaching power and then flow.  I use a little matrix aikido to teach how easy it is to block circularly.
Yours in the “True Art”
James Sanders

This is just a snippet
of a win
from the wonderful James Sanders,
out Oklahoma way.
James has been around a long time,
and I wanted to share his win,
and give a bit of acknowledgment
to his hard work.

I really get a kick
when people explain
some of what they are doing.

I mean,
what am I doing it for?
It all has to get used!
Or why do it,

So thanks,
and thanks to all you other
and Tai Chi players
and Pa Kua-ists
and Aikidokas
and Kenpokas
and everybody who studies the art.

Through art one can find heaven,
and I wish heaven for all of you.

Talk to you later,


PS–Google Al Case and a martial art and see what happens. Al Case Karate, Al Case Aikido, and so on.
And please leave a comment after you’ve read an article. This always helps my statistics.

Life is growth. If we stop growing, technically and spiritually, we are as good as dead.
Morihei Ueshiba

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