Monster Newsletter #285–The Universe of Your Body!

Monster Newsletter #285–The Universe of Your Body!

It’s not just a good morning,
it’s a good life.
form after form,
technique after technique,
breath after breath.

Have you ever noticed that life is more beautiful after you do something?
It really is.

I was talking about getting hit
the other week,
and I asked Nehemiah to write me something,
on what it feels like
to get hit.
He did.
let’s rock.

Here’s what he said
about what it feels like
when I hit him.

So what I feel or experience when you let go:
Its like being hit by a lead pipe. Only there’s nothing broken upon impact, its a purely intention effect. When you ridge up I can resist it, and disperse it, but when you relax into the block or attack, then it just flows -its hard to resist something that you don’t feel until its already hit you. I can literally feel the energy of my body get scrambled up at the site of contact, lol and it doesn’t feel good. But the funny thing about it is that despite how much it might hurt upon impact, I find that I’m rarely (never) actually hurt after a short period of time goes by. Minutes at most.
I know that if I weren’t as trained as I am, that I’d be in some serious trouble. I’d get locked into the pain and the disorienting affect it has, and I’d be out for the count.
The fact that I can analyze what you did and how you did it, and see it in detail and how it affected my body definitely helps to not be injured.
Its like a gunshot, most often its the shock of impact that gets you, not the actual trauma to the body sustained. And if you know that, and can see that, then you can defend against it.


a couple of things here.
and a caution before I say them.
I’m going to go a little egghead here,
if this isn’t your cup of tea,
don’t worry,
we’ll be back to breaking bones,
and poking eyeballs,
next newsletter.
if you don’t like what I say,
put your fingers in your ears
and go Nah Nah Nah,
until next newsletter.
I’ll be back to abnormal then.
now being now,
let me go egghead for a moment.

Nehemiah can tell the difference between
when I have that ridge of energy
holding me back,
when I let go.
I don’t bruise him,
I am effecting the energy of him.

when he is ready,
he can undo the effects of my strike.
When he isn’t ready,
nothing he can do,
but suffer through.

how I developed a strike that works like this
has been detailed in
The Punch,
there is all sorts of data in
How to Put Out a Candle.
I have written a lot of articles
on this subject.
The Perfect Strike
was the first article I wrote,
and if you google
‘Al Case Punch’
you’re going to come up with ALL sorts of things.

without getting into the details
which are covered in those other places,
let me tell you something
that I am doing.

I do my forms
until the universe of my body
is more real
than the universe of
my opponent’s body.

Once you have come to understand
the universe of your body,
and made it ‘more solid’
with awareness,
then when it comes in contact with another body,
you can have,
shall we say,
‘energetical disturbances.’

How do you come to grips with the concept of
the universe of your body?

realize that we are talking about the limits of body
as perceived without using the five senses,
sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste.

We are talking about being aware
without the five senses.

We cultivate this through the use of forms.
without senses,
just the awareness of trying to cause motion,
without senses.

there is feeling in there,
and other stuff,
but…who moves the body?

Ask the question!
Who moves the body?
This is the question that the form asks,
every time you do one!

the muscles move the body.
the brain moves the muscles.
the mind moves the brain.
who moves the mind…
does the thinking?
Who makes it all happen?
I do.

The ‘I am,’
that is within all of us.

that’s the purpose of the form!
To find who drives that smelly
and quite loathsome vehicle
called a body!
You do!
We all gots one,
or perhaps I should say,
we all is one.

Not we are all one,
but we are all
motivated by,
‘I am!’

That is the purpose of the Form.
That is why every form is a prayer.
That is why
we do the martial arts.

To find ‘I.’

when you find ‘I’
you suddenly ascend into a realm of different physics,
not necessarily explainable by
basic physics.

That’s how I hit Nehemiah.


Shortest sentence in the English language.
when I am,
and I know that my body is just a machine,
then I can send energy out of that machine.
I can disrupt the energy of my opponent.
I can put out candles over a foot away.
there’s lots of other stuff
I can do.

here is what is important…
you can do it to.

Is there a single one of you
that hasn’t had the thought…
‘I am?’

you’ve all had it.
how do you break through
the surface of that thought
and fall into the depths of
The real you.
I am.

You can do it with forms.
You have to matrix them.
You have to invest them with awareness.
You have to do them,
until your awareness of the outer world,
has been forgotten,
and there is only you,
doing the form.

the form does you.

I went a bit far afield there.
I also went right
the heart
of the matter.

Until you are…
‘I am.’

Okey dokey.
I could give you lots of links
that would help you out
in this matter.

But Tai Chi is premium.
Tai Chi deals specifically with
enhancing awareness.
Matrix Tai Chi
undercuts all Tai Chi,
so that all Tai Chi
is understandable,
and relatable,
without all the bushwah.

In Matrix Tai Chi
I make a lot of connections,
take out the mystery,
put in the basic understanding,
so that art is

Not just in fighting,
but as a tool
for you to use
to invest your awareness in
the martial arts.

To get to where you really want to go.

I am.

Matrix Tai Chi Chuan

everything being said,
there have been a few problems with the paypal buttons.
I think I have the one on Monster fixed,
but let me know if you have any trouble.

had a bunch of Matrix TCC orders go out,
let me know if there are any problems.
Any mistakes
and I will fix them quicksnap.
Mistakes are so-o-o-o
not cool.
let me know.

beyond that
Have a great work out!


PS–Google ‘Al Case Punch.’
And please leave a comment after you’ve read an article. This always helps my statistics.

I believe in the imagination. What I cannot see is infinitely more important than what I can see.
Duane Michals

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