Why Students Drop Out of the Martial Arts the First Month!

This is sort of an interesting question. Nobody has ever come up with a good answer for it, and yet people have tried virtually everything in the world to keep those errant students. I mean, they were doing good, they were blown out and excited, and then they disappeared.

The answer for this question, and a way to keep enrollment high, and to even improve it, is possible through something called Matrix Martial Arts. Matrixing is a science that was designed specifically for the martial arts. The fact of discovering why students drop out became known sort of by the way.

To understand this problem of student drop out we must understand that there is a problem with the martial arts themselves. I don’t care what you are teaching, be it karate or kung fu or wudan or that rare form of Kenpo, the fact of the matter is that you are teaching by having students memorize random strings of data. With respect, I offer that this is the most inefficient method of learning that there is.

Memorizing random strings of data is the oral tradition, good in ancient times, when people couldn’t read nor write. Now, how ever, the written word is supreme, and people can avail themselves of such things as computers, mind mapping, and good, solid logic. This thing of logic comes to fruition when one utilizes Matrix Martial Arts.

Matrixing is the analysis and handling of force and direction. It is a method for laying out a gridwork of martial arts problems, and being able to quickly and efficiently sort through the mess until you have the exact and only answer. It is so efficient that people who learn the matrixing method achieve intuitive martial arts within months, not years, as is common with the traditional arts.

When matrixing methods are established, when students are enabled to view all the martial arts in logical fashion, one thing becomes plain, there are a lot of blank spots in the martial arts. No matter how many random strings of data one memorizes, it can’t compare with being able to see all the data. And, obviously, students who could see all the data were able to progress much faster.

And, students who left early in their training, in that first month, were found to be confused by the blank spots in their education. Learning the martial arts were like learning languages without a recognizable alphabet. They simply couldn’t absorb the illogical data, the blank spots left by letters that should have been, and left.

The truth of the matter is that people don’t want to be around what they don’t understand. No matter how exciting it all is, the brain rejects the data, the hardware ejects the software, the student refuses the martial arts, simply because it is confusing, and has not been made logical and simple. In a word, no matter whether you teach karate or kung fu or that rare and esoteric form of shotokan, you will not be able to keep students unless you matrix your art, and matrix your students, and, the fact of the matter is…you are at risk yourself of being ejected from the martial arts.

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