Monster Newsletter #280–The Birth of New Legends!

Hey guys and gals!
Good morning,
and good work out.

I always say the same thing,
wake up and work out,
and I never stop.

And why should I?
I mean,
there isn’t anything better,
so why not
wake up and work out?

got a lot of new people
seeing the newsletter for the first time,
welcome to you,
and let me explain something about Matrixing,
for you old guys
if you’ve already heard this,
then just put your hands over your ears
and go
‘La la la!’

Okey doke,
first off,
I’m Al Case.
started the martial arts back in ’67,
studied everything that came along,
became a writer for the mags,
and discovered this thing called Matrixing.

That’s the short story.
The medium story is that you can find me on the net.
Google Al Case and just about any art,
and one of my articles will pop up.
youtube aganzul,
and you can see me.
doing forms,
showing techniques,
and lots of other stuff.

And here is something interesting.
I don’t claim to be the greatest.
I’m just a martial artist who got an idea,
who considered the martial arts a puzzle,
and put that puzzle together,
and started yelling,
It’s over here!
Look at this!
This makes sense!

the truth of the matter is that
while I’m not the greatest,
you are.

You look at Matrixing,
then you use matrixing to look at the martial arts
zingo bingo,
things are different.

there’s no mysticism.

One of the earliest wins I ever received
was from one of my personal students,
and he said,

What’s interesting about Al Case’s writings and teachings is there isn’t any emphasis on ‘the unknown’ or ‘mystery’ behind martial arts. Al will slam this information in your face! Quite frankly the data isn’t hidden, you’ll find you’re blind.
With Matrixing you will find
that you are no longer blind.
There will be no mysteries,
in their place,
you will have a cold, hard logic.
A science.
And you will understand the martial arts.
The how and the why.
The whole thing.

here is the long story,
and this is why I say
that you are the greatest.
Not me.

you are the one that is going to make the difference.

With my courses
you have over forty years of experience to tap into.
You have the benefit of whole arts,
and a way of learning all that data
faster than anybody has ever learned anything
on this planet,

People talk about those great masters of ancient times.
They only knew an art or two,
worked for decades,
for lifetimes,
for what you can get in a few months,
through a few courses.
And then,
what are you going to do?

Teach people.
It’s that or beat them up,
and I think I know what you’ll choose.
So you teach,
and the world explodes with light.
People suddenly understand what they are doing,
They will understand why and how that technique really works,
they will see the truth behind those forms.
They will hit harder,
yet have more compassion,
and the martial arts will have entered
the true golden age.

It isn’t those old guys from a thousand years ago…
it’s you,
and the legends that you are about to create.

let me tell you something certain.

If you have one year of martial arts experience,
and the matrix karate course,
you are a bigger master
than any that have come before.

You simply know more.

It all makes sense.
And the fact that you are a no bushwah,
hardcore martial artist
becomes instantly and obviously plain
to any who cross fists with you.

that’s the whole story.
And you.

I planted a seed,
but you grew it,
and you harvested it,
and the whole world is about to be different.

And I thank you.
The Great Ones.
The Ones Who Made the Difference.
The ones who opened up the martial arts
and changed a planet.

Thank you.

for anybody who hasn’t actually taken the first course,
here’s the address.

Matrix Martial Arts

Go there,
order the course,
and have a great work out.

oh yeah,
you guys with your hands over your years?
You can take your hands away now.
And shut up with that ‘la la la-ing!’


PS–For my latest article, try googling, Real Karate Does Not Look Like Karate!
And please leave a comment after you’ve seen the article. This always helps my statistics.

It may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird: it would be a jolly sight harder for it to learn to fly while remaining an egg. We are like eggs at present. And you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg. We must be hatched or go bad.
C. S. Lewis

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