Monster Newsletter #279–Why Every Form is a Prayer!

Hello to everyone!
I feel your joy
and am humbled.
Thank you for working out.

You’ve heard me say
that every form is a prayer.

When you do a form,
you are following a pattern,
within the pattern is awareness.
You seek the awareness
and you have silence.

The comfort of knowing something.

it could even be done wrong,
and you would receive something,
and that is why
the martial arts have lasted
so darn long.

with matrixing,
the form strives for perfection.

Straighten out the odd angles,
put in the grounding,
fine tune your motions,
apply CBM
(Coordinated Body Motion)
the form resembles the perfection
even manufactures the perfection,
that exists within you,
that is you.

Do you understand
how the form
done over and over
is merely a vehicle for finding you?

Being in a body is like being in a prison.
You lurch back and forth
within the body,
and the body starts to move,
back and forth,
the prison bursts,
and you step forth.

That is what happens when you do a form.

If only people could see what you have done.
But they can’t.
They can’t even see the shards of your prison.
And the only proof you have to offer
is an added zest for life,
a grin that is true and open
and reveals the spirit that is you.

it starts with you trying to move your body
like your instructor.
duplicate his motions,
and not understanding,
there is such a good feeling
about taking your body
and making it do things.

It’s not like physical education
which is social conditioning,
but a real,
moving your body.

So you move it,
again and again,
and energy starts to shoot
through your limbs.
Others are doing push ups,
you are doing…
something different.

You are using the body
the way it is supposed to be used.
As a real,
energy shooting machine
where imagination unlimits,
and the universe becomes yours.

You know,
one of my fondest memories
is from back at
the Kang Duk Won.

During the summer,
the heat of the bay area
would be pushed back into San Jose.
San Jose would be like
the mouth of a funnel,
the heat building,
unable to get through,
in the dojo,
a 100 degree day
would turn into 120 degrees.
And we would sweat.
Pushing through the heat,
becoming immune to the heat,
treating the heat
as an accomplice.

Such joy.

after class,
we walked a block to a hamburger stand.
We would still be sweating,
caked with perspiration,
exhausted and bruised and beaten,
We all ordered big orange drinks.
We didn’t care about the sugar in the thing,
we were rulers of the world,
immune to mortality,
secure in ourselves.
Made so by our art.

And we would guzzle that sweet stuff,
and the look in our eyes,
the sheer pleasure in our hearts and souls…
one cannot duplicate the feeling of heaven
that possessed us.
we had burst out of our prisons,
gone beyond
what people expected of us,
we had de-limited ourselves.

I know you know
exactly what I mean.

Maybe it wasn’t a big orange drink for you,
what ever it was,
it was sweet.
It was delicious.
And it was pure you.

The best darn thing in the whole MF universe.

that is what a work out brings.
That is why
every form is a prayer.

the experience is that much sweeter,
when you matrix your form.

A form is not perfection,
unless you make it so.
And your work out is not perfection,
unless you make it so.

here’s the link.

Master Instructor Data!

This is the Master Instructor Course.
No matter whether you are a beginner,
or a high ranking dan,
the Master Instructor Course
has the data
which results in
perfection of form.

I could offer you a thousand dollars
to disprove it,
and you couldn’t.

The data is true.

You guys have a great work out now
and remember,
every form is a prayer.


PS–If you want a great article, try googling, Matrix Martial Arts Enables One to Read Minds!

God made everything out of nothing, but the nothingness shows through.
Paul Valery

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