Matrix Martial Arts Enables One to Read Minds!

We have all experienced those moments when it seems as if you have read someones mind. Maybe you just blurt out the same phrase, or have the same thought on a place to eat. Sometimes, however, it is as if you have looked into somebodys mind and know what they are thinking.

The martial arts enhance this procedure, and a good martial art does it fast. Indeed, if you aren’t effectively reading minds after a year or two, there is probably something wrong with your martial art. At the very least, you should look into applying some principles from Matrix Martial Arts and straightening it out.

The first time you realize that you can read minds is usually on the mat, usually during freestyle. You intuitively know what your opponent is going to do, and, as time goes on, you begin fitting intuitive responses to his attack. Many people think this is because of the freestyle, but it is really because of the forms.

Yes, freestyle provides the situation, but forms provides the energy and context for reading minds. Without forms, reading minds won’t happen in the martial art, except on the lowest level. Give up forms, and you only have fighting, and fighting does not lead to reading minds.

When doing a form one learns how to control their body, making it do things one couldn’t make it do before. Then, one learns that it is the control of the mind that is really enabling him to control the body. Lastly, one starts to understand that behind any action in this universe, there must be a thought.

The universe is nothing but a space filled with flying objects. The fact of reading minds, you see, is being able to predict the path of objects. Predicting the path of objects just means that you start looking further out.

What the matrixing procedure does, as practiced in Matrix Martial Arts, is organize the data so that one can see beyond the confusion. Matrixing analyzes and handles force and direction, and thus, one can take in more space, and analyze and handle more force and direction. Once one can do this through the practice of the martial arts, one can begin doing it to the rest of life.

Want to get a better deal when you buy or sell your car, or maybe get the girl of your dreams? You can do so if you use matrixing to analyze and handle force and direction. And whether you study a form of kung fu, be it hung gar or choy li fut or mantis, or whether you study karate, such as shotokan or uechi or whatever, you can use Matrix Martial Arts to align it, and to align life itself.

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