Getting Outside Your Body with Classical Martial Arts!

If you are studying a well established martial art, especially karate based, and often shaolin based, then you may experience being out of your body. The odd thing is that many martial artists don’t know they are getting out of their body. They shift their viewpoint, are out of their body, and think they are the same as everybody else.

By getting out of your body I don’t mean floating intelligence wafting through the universe. I merely mean that you are a little behind your head, not quite sure where your viewpoint is, but know that it is not from your eyes or in your skull. This often leads to increased intensity and abilities in your day to day living.

The surest way to get out of your body is to just keep doing your forms. Like a truck driver who lets his mind wander during those long drives, the karateka, or kung fu stylist, just gets comfortable, and slowly starts looking at the world in a different manner. He starts looking at his body and realizing that he is not his body, that he is…comfortably removed.

What has happened is that in learning to control his body, making it accomplish finer and finer motions, the person has gotten out. Some body movements just require that the person be outside his body to really make them work, and as the martial artist makes his moves work, he doesn’t even realize that he is sliding out of the body. Then he starts doing things differently, doesn’t realize that he has made some sort of a change, and life goes on.

The problem, of course, is not that this happens, the problem is to accelerate the procedure. Being slightly removed from your body makes you a better martial artist. Your karate or kung fu or whatever becomes accelerated, and there you have the source of legends, and an improved version of human beings.

I started using Matrix Martial Arts to accomplish this speeding up. The reason matrixing works is because it is logical, scientific, and takes into account all potential body motions. Simply, if you can see the whole picture, when it comes to moving the body in the martial arts, then it is easier to take control of the body.

The first step in matrixing is to learn how to use your body as one unit. I call this CBM, or Coordinated Body Motion. It is when you start all motion at the same time, end all motion at the same time, and regulate all factors of size, mass, muscle, and so on of the movement being done.

Once CBM is accomplished Matrixing really kicks in. Having coordinated your body, you are now in a position to coordinate the art itself, this results in perfection of form, and you start to move back from your body at a faster rate. Whether you do a form of Karate, or Shaolin, or whatever, the matrixing procedure in Matrix Martial Arts is going to speed everything up, and you will achieve the true art in years instead of lifetimes.

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